About me.

dsc_0970Should you have any interest… then here comes a bit about me ❤

I am born March 6, 1974, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen. My father is from Austria and my mother is from Denmark. Yes, i have been on a lot of vacations in Austria, but No, i am not good at skiing.

In the first years of my life, i was living in an apartment in Buddinge/Gladsaxe, like 10 kilometers outside Copenhagen. When i was 3 years old, we moved to a house not far from that place, my parents, me and my big brother.

I went to a public school, from kindergarten to 10. grate. After that i went to high school (HF) for 2 years in a experimental class, where we did have most of the classes in English, some of the books came from the University in Oxford. Unfortunately the school had started this class befor they had done all the research, so this class was kind of a flop for many of the students in the class, including me. I spend 2 years there, i did not learn much, but i had become quite good at doodle drawings.

For a few months i was working as a cleaner, in the Scandinavia Tobacco Company, and after that i was working in a supermarked close to Copenhagen. At this time i also left my childhood home, and moved into my first apartment, a small place, 1 room- in Brønshøj, and 6 months later i moved to Nørrebro, to a bigger apartment, where i stayed for almost 12 years.

After working in the supermarket for almost 1 year, i got a job on a ship, sailing between Hamburg/Germany and Harwich/England. It was onboard a DFDS ship, M/S Hamburg. I was working 20 days at sea, and then had 10 days off, in my apartment, back in Copenhagen. I was working in the Bank onboard the ship, changing money for our passengers, and i was also doing some account work, and i was also working in the little duty free shop onboard, selling clothes and perfume. I did spend two wonderful years on this little ship, and got to know a lot of wonderful people. The crew was like one big family, we were 17 different nationalities onboard. When you are 20 years old, this is really an interesting way to spend time away from the safe life i did live, i got a lot of great friends, and had a wonderful time, but after 2 years, i went home for good, a new time was coming for me.

When i got back to Copenhagen, I worked 3 months in my parents Bakery shop, i was working in the morning and in the afternoon and the evening, i took some different sewing courses. After 3 months i got a job in the health care department, HS Direktionen, where i was working for 1 year… i think it was but i do not really remember actually.

One day i saw a job add, from a big company: ISS, and i was so lucky to get the job there. I started out as a site manager, where i had 9 employees, later i got some other houses to take care of, and i ended up as an Account Manager, i had  8 great years in ISS. I had the most crazy wonderful time in this company, with a lot of wonderful employees and coworkers. After my first 7 years there, i meet the wonderful man, that later became my husband, he had his own company, and was working together with ISS once in a while, so there i got to meet him. After a year, i quit my job, and started working with my husband in his company.

I have been sewing and making clothes since i was 13 years old.

I have been working as a security guard in Magasin Du Nord in Copenhagen.

I was so lucky that ISS wanted to spend money on education for me, so i got a Bachelor of Commerce (degree in personal management) And also a Diploma Management Training education from Copenhagen Business School (CBS) while i was working in ISS.

I have a business and life coach education from Manning Inspire.

I have been studying a Healthcare Training education, and also been studying Functionel Medicine, i have not ended these two studies at this time, if i will ever end them… well i do not know right now, time will show, as both are very time consuming and in English, and even though i think my English is ok, it takes a lot of time studying in English. So if i finish them, it is fine, if not, i am pretty sure i will live just fine anyway, and the things i have learned, i have learned, even if i do not have any diploms on this.

Life interests me, people interests me, health and health care interests me, training, working out, creative things… what ever comes my way, and i love doing just what ever is falling in front of me.

I have different groups on Facebook, like workout groups, and “take-care-of-your-body” groups, like liver and gallbladder cleansing groups.

I have had my company: Unika4u.dk (www.unika4u.dk) since 2009.

I have had my company: Marliess.dk (com) (www.marliess.dk) since 2015.

I am the happy and lucky mother of two wonderful children, Victor born 2007 and Emmaluna born 2009

I am happily married to Claus and has been since 2005, and i have actually married him 2 WITHOUT a divorce in between 😉 ❤ And i would love to marry him again 1.000.000 times ❤ he is for sure, the love of my life ❤

Why write books all of a sudden, and why blog at the same time????  Well, when i was younger i was writing poetry, these will never be published, but in 2016 i wrote my very first book, and had it published, FANTASTIC feeling to do that, transboundary to me and a bit scary, because now every one can read what ever is on my mind. I do hope, and believe that my words can and will help other people, one way or the other and i think i can say, that this first book, will not be my last book ❤

Love and warm hugs