Let´s not forget what it is all about.

To many people, Christmas is the time of the year where they stress… more than usual ….. What gifts to buy, where to buy the “RIGHT” Christmas tree, what to eat, and what not to eat… where to spend Christmas eve, and all that superficial stuff…. I just do not get it, to me it is not important… I KNOW I have to buy gifts, and food, and make decisions about what to and what not to… do, buy, eat, drink, who to spend time with, but insted of stressing, I love to have a GREAT and happy december, so I refuse to do all that.

Some years ago, I spend my entire november and december selling, packing and sending a lot of stuff from my webshop, but when we got to January I realised, that I had wasted my precious time on NOTHING more than earning money. It was GREAT, and FUN, but I did not have time to have fun with my little family, I did not have time to bake Christmas cookies with my children, we did not have time to enjoy all the beautiful tings that december offers, and NO MONEY in the world can change that. Today I am sorry I wasted that Christmas time with my family, and for sure, I am never going to do that again!

Christmas is the time where we, in my opinion, should spread love, even more than any other day of the year. It is the time of the year where we should think even MORE about, that not everyone is as fortunate as we are. Insted of teaching our children to make the longest wish-list (my kids almost don´t know what a wish-list is, as we have never really practiced it in our house, so it is always difficult when people asks us what our children have on their wish-list…) teach them to appreciate that people want to do something for them, and that it is not the size of the gift, that matters. Teach both your children AND yourself, that Christmas is the time of the year, where you can practice LOVE, and being a good, loving, caring person, if you do not already practice it every day of your life ❤

Do not stress, do thing with your heart insted, so what if not everything is “perfect”, if people around you care about you, I am pretty sure, they do not care, they just want you to be ok ❤ And things done with the heart, always will leave a bigger footprint that all other things ❤

Do not put your standards higher than you know you can practice, be realistic, and then let the rest go, as it was not meant to be anyway.

Often the smallest things, are the things that makes the biggest difference, not the unrealistic chromed glittery stuff. Do things with your heart, and out of love insted, have a great december, where you remember to smile and have fun- A LOT, and be there for others, then I am sure you will have the greatest december and Christmas ❤

Sending love and smiles your way ❤



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