image Time well spend….

Hi there 🙂 The other day I wrote about the “new” food I have started to eat… many people are doing this already, lucky you 🙂 but as I wrote, I just started recently 🙂

It takes some extra time to eat mostly veggies and fruits, but I do not care about that time, as I think my time is well spend. Every evening I prepare my next days 2 first meals, as I normally do not have a lot of time to do that in the morning, getting 2 kiddos of to school, so in this way, I am over the stress in the morning… smart move, if you ask me 😉

I drink lemon every morning and after that a large green juice… none of it tast great, but who cares when i feel the difference it makes.

I think that one of the reasons I haven´t done this before, is that in my MIND, I thought it would be to difficult, having a family eating something els, and that sort of things, but now I see, that it is not. So what does that tell me… it tells me, that very often we are our own limitations… If I had NOT thought of that, I most likely would have done it a looong time ago… well, you can not blame yourself, as I think tings happens, just on time, when you are ready, and I am more than ready, so as always, things will work out in the right time and order ❤

My wonderful husband, also go along with this, most of the time, but he add in some meat, coffee etc. and that is just fine, as long as I can do what feels best for me, and right now, this feels just perfect. Having to little children, it is not easy only to feed them veggies and fruit, but they get much more of both, than they did befor, so on this part it is pretty easy, and wonderful as well.

When we have friends coming over for dinner or we are invited somewhere, it is a bit more difficult, I of course, when it is in my house, just makes A LOT of food, different things, that will my body happy, and also what will make my guests body happy, and then we can eat together without any problem. Outside my house, it is a bit more challenging, well not always, as it is easy to tell your closest friends, not to make any meat for you, but when it is people you do not see very often it is more challenging… but what I do is, to pick as much of the food I know will serve me, and then add a little of the other kind of food, and this way, it is not challenging 🙂 Most people serve some kind of veggies, and also potatoes, and then this is not a problem. We can do precisely what we put our mind into!

As the days pass with this kind of food, I find myself not having any cravings for “bad” food… and that makes life SO much easier. It makes me feel I take care of myself in a much better way. Befor I would sometimes eat things that I knew was not good for me, but today, I know I can feel great inside all the time, so insted of feeding myself food that will not benefit me, I just simply let it go out of my head, because why would anyone feed them self food that makes them feel …like crap!

A few weeks ago, someone had bought some kind of candy for my kids, and I had some of it, and I feel SO sick after eating some of it, my hands were shaking, and I was feeling like I had the flu… and at that moment, I knew, how big a difference this made, and not in a good way. Earlier I would just have thought… oh well, it will go away again, and then eaten it again another day, but now, being more “pure” inside, I could really feel, the bad damaging thing it did to me, and for sure, I will not put my body through that again any tie soon… if ever! My thoughts go out to, how often we do not REALLY listen to what our body tell us, for sure I haven´t earlier on, not on the food part. Now I know better, and I am more that grateful because that is a great teaching for me. I think I might have been one of those persons who know what is good and bad, but I am not always able to feel my body, where I am also actually ABLE to listen to it… if that makes any sense…. I think that with all the different things put into our “normal” food today, our body get to feel some kind of numb, and when it does that, then no nothing goes through the right way. It is difficult to “read” the body and the signs, and that is in the end what makes us sick. As to now, where I do not get all those toxins into my body, I can hear it speak to me, in a totally different way.

I am not trying to convince you of what to eat, as I think you should eat exactly what you want, but I am asking you to LISTEN to your body and it´s signals… does what you put in, come through your system in a good way, does it make you feel FULL of energy, and is it giving you a feeling of being light and life falls easy and great at your feed, then by all means, just keep doing that ❤ if not, re-think, maybe you should change things up a bit, your engine is run by what you put on as fuel … as you eat, so shall you be ❤

Sending love and hugs your way ❤





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