image Do you feed your temple?

For the past 3 months or so, I have done something that I did not even know I would ever do…. And now it all seems so very natural. I have been reading about it for years, and thought, ooohhh now THAT would be nice, but never did it, maybe because I was some kind of scared, or I was affraid it would be to difficult, or… what ever, because maybe it was just nonsense and because I then would have to step out side my comfort-zone, oh, do I just HATE those terms, but I might think that THAT was my issue. It is always WONDERFUL to stay in your comfort-zone, because it feels so GREAT to do what we have always done, but does that MOVE us to a better/different/other place… no I do not think so…

3 months ago I went on a summer vacation with my beautiful family ❤ and some wonderful and dear friends ❤ The weeks befor we left, I had listened to some books and one of them I bought as a hard back, and took it with me on my vacation. I couldn´t stop reading it, because it made SO much sense to me, and actually my friends also read it. And when we got home, a lot of things changed.

I LOVE big red steaks, I could eat it all day, ok, maybe that is a little too much to say, but you get my point…. I needed something to change, and so I did. I know I wrote a little about it this last August, but now I have eaten different for the past 3 months, and I really feel great. I took all food out that has a mother and a father 🙂 and many other things, and I FEEL GREAT, actually I do not think I ever feel this great in my body as i do now. I have LOTS of veggies and fruit every day, and with that, meat is gone and so are so many other different foods. Does that mean that I never have meat… no, sometimes during the weekend or if we are invited to a party, I will eat meat, but only a little bit if I eat it at all. I thought that this would be SO hard, and what about getting enough proteins and bla… bla… bla… so many bad excuses, I just wish I had done this MANY years ago!

So what do I feel, from eating plantbased food… I feel lighter in my head, MUCH lighter! I feel lighter in my body, MUCH lighter! I feel SO much more energy, happier and healthier. And on top of all that, I am loosing weight, weight that, even though I work out 1 1/2 hour each day, did not want to leave my body. Now it drops of, little by little, and I never feel hungry! I have over the past 3 months lost 20 pounds, and still counting ❤ and just for THAT, I am over the top, but it is actually not the most important thing any more, the most important thing is that I feel different inside, I do not feel bloated or tired or anything….ok, sometimes I can feel tired of course, but it is a different kind of tired. We have been invited to parties and other stuff, and there i have had wine and drinks and I have had meat, fish and other things that has a mom and a dad, and I know that when I do that, I get to “pay the price” the next days, it takes like 2-3 days to get “back to normal” again, so I think that as time goes, I will be much more selective in when I choose to take those things into my system.

I will not preach about why you should try this, I can just tell you, that IF you gave it a try, maybe just for 1…2 … weeks, end then feel the difference, I do not think you would ever go back to what you did befor….

The things I do is not what I invented, some one els did… at least what I did to begin with, now I do it my way, and it WORKS! for sure this way of eating will benefit your body, in SO many ways! Imagine feeling GREAT in your own body, in your own head, having LOTS of energy, not feeling bloated and constipated and even losing those stubborn pounds you carry around, all that WITHOUT feeling hungry for just one second… you CAN ❤ And actually I am sure you can get SO many health benefits from it, so if you suffer from anything, I am sure you can reverse that.

Over the next days I will write more about this ❤ If you cannot wait, just comment on this, or send me an email ( and I will let you in on this ❤

To me, what I found out is, that when I feed my temple, the RIGHT way ( I always thought that eating healthy would include lots of meat, and maybe it does, I am no expert I am just a human who can feel the difference), I get all the wonderful benefits of what my body CAN do, that I did not even think was possible, I am SO happy and grateful, and I really feel that I NOW am doing my very best to keep my temple working and breathing the right way, and it is not even hard or difficult, just pretty damn wonderful ❤

When I feed my body this kind of food, I feel that it all connects, because the light sense i feel in my head and in my body, it is a like my body does not have to struggle to feed any more, and when you do not have to struggle, you can concentrate on many other things. My temple IS where I am living, and why not make your temple the best place to be (in)… do not fool yourself, how do YOU feel during the day? Do you feel great, light and having a lot of energy, even in the evening? or do you feel something els? I know how i feel, and to me this is a wonderful gift to have been given and if for some reason I can pass it on to others, so they can feel the same, I will be very happy and pleased ❤

One more thing, how do you think your energy flow will bee, if your body feels lighter, your head and your thoughts are lighter??? Just a little something to think about ❤

Sending love and light and banana smiles your way ❤


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