image It is GREAT to feel alive.

Being alive and FEELING alive, is for me 2 very different things.

Ok.. I breath every day, and I do it many times from I wake up until i go to bed again, I eat and do all my stuff, just like you do, and all the people in the world does it every day, but one thing is to “stay” alive, another thing is to REALLY live.

For me it all comes down to, how much do you want out of life… what do you expose yourself to, what do you accept, and not accept. If you have to violate yourself everyday with the work you have, the people you surround yourself with, the food you eat, all in all, how you treat yourself, it can either build you up, or tare you down.

I try to do as many things that I love to do everyday single day, I also try to  love the things I find dull and boring, but just has to be done anyway… I could CHOSE to hate cleaning the house, doing the laundry and so forth, but insted, I try to love those times as well, and it works. I (almost) never feel like I am wasting my time, because it is always a choice, I can hate it or I can “love” it, or I can LOVE it… Put some great music in my ears, or even better, a great book, and then just do the “non-happy-feeling-things” anyway. I could also just procrastinate (ok.. I admit do that sometimes ;)) but it will just make the “pain” longer… so just do the things, do it with a smile and if that doesn´t work for you, put some music or a book in your ears, and THEN do it, it really does make a hell of a difference 😉

Feeling alive is the GREATEST feeling in the world, because it makes me see that the sun is shining behind the clouds, it makes me HEAR that the grass is growing, I SEE the aura of the trees, I ENJOY the little butterflies having fun, I FEEL the “happy-bobbles” people are sending our. I TASTE the beauty of any food I eat, and most important, I feel the love from the world, it makes me feel even MORE open to receive all the beauty that is in my present. I love to have days where the sparkle is really sparkeling so much, that I feel I could just reach out my hand and touch the glitter, and most of my days are like this. Some days it is like it is all going to EXPLODE inside, and all the little crazy sparkeling things will just flow out of me.

I always try to think, what I send out is also what I get back, a few years ago I had to remind my self of this everyday, these days I do not think as much about it anymore, because it is just a way of living now. When I feed myself in all the best ways, it is only good that can come out of me as well… and what goes out of me, is what I send out into the world, so why not just let it be love, and glittering sparkeling bits and pieces ❤ This is what makes me not only just live, but feel so much alive, as I possible can ❤

I am grateful every day, first of all, just for being alive, but most of all, for being able to see my children grow up, and being able to hug them everyday, many times a day, to be able to hug my wonderful husband and spend time in his company, grateful for all that he does for our little family, grateful for the person he is. Grateful for the house I live in, the beautiful friends I have and the people I meet everyday. And with a grateful heart, you will never feel empty, you will never feel you just has to get the days to pass… Every new day is offering lots of choices, and some of them are not as interesting as others, but no one said life was going to be easy or fun all the time, and then again, because it all comes down to choices, and I chose happy and I chose to feel alive… really alive ❤

If for some reason you do not feel like this, try getting there, it is SO much more beautiful to be in this state of mind ❤ and if I could, I would give all i have for you to be able to feel this, because if you would just feel this for a second, you would never ever want to go back to not feeling it again ❤

Have a beautiful, sparkeling, crazy wonderful day ❤



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