image Let Love be your purpose.

❤ What is love to you?

❤ What does it take for you to feel loved?

❤ What do you put in your head, and in your heart?

Try to consider this, what if you made love your purpose….  What if you ALWAYS made LOVE come first? What if the WORLD always made love come first… WOW… what a change that would make… Then i actually think that there would be no more to fight about, no more wars, no more children with parents who are divorced, there would be no more bulling in school or at work, there would most likely be no more people abusing all sorts of different things like, drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, food etc…. try to imagine…. now THAT would be so wonderful ❤

If we just did the simple thing, start with ourselves… and see how far we could go, by simply make love our purpose.

What about sick people, people struggling will all sorts of dis-eases, that would mean: treating our body with love from the beginning, then there for most cases, would be a lot fewer people sick and in the need of medicin, because as we know, if we have a healthy mind, we have a healthy body, and visa versa.

It is all connected, even I am connected to you somehow, we might not know each other, and we might live far apart, but the mass of which we all are created are all the same. That meaning, that the mass going through your body, is the same mass going through mine, as there are no hard frame disconnecting us, it is al just one big flow of mass…. did you ever conceder that? All is one…

So by making love MY purpose, you can feel it, and if you do the same, then love will be the reality, love would be the master, and love, in the end, always conquer all.

When I say: I LOVE YOU, that means: I trust in you, and I am always here for you, no matter what. What does it mean when you say: I LOVE YOU, what does it mean when you say it to someone? Does it mean the same as when I say it… or does it mean: … bla… bla… bla… but only when… (something)…. So what is the heart of the words, when you say them, or when you receive them from someone els?

What if, we all understand what we say, when we say: I LOVE YOU… then we would be able to live after that, there would be no more disappointments there would be no more lying, no more wars, no more cheating, no more negativity, when all did their utter most to live from their heart, then the world truly would be an AMAZING place

When you do something in your everyday life, you always… ALWAYS … know why you do it… because people do not do things without getting something out of it….. so are you a “winner” and live by your heart… or are you a looser and living by something els? If we all lived by the thought of making love our purpose, then we would do things out of love, that even means hoovering the floor in the entire house, just because you know that it will make your spouse smile and feel loved. You would even do the must dull thing in the world with a smile, just because you would know someone els would appreciate it, and when they do that, they will feel loved, and when they feel loved, THAT energy will also flow right into your mass, and then you would feel the love… see… it is a win win…..

Today I will make love be my purpose by cleaning the fridge, doing the laundry and hoover the floor in my house, and cook my wonderful husband (and my beautiful children healthy nourishing food) because I know, my husband feels loved when I do those things, and when he feels loved, I will get the same energy, and that energy I will send our into the world, and the mass….and therefor, I will feel loved ❤

Make love your purpose ❤

Smiles and hugs




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