image Butterfly effect

According to Wikipedia this term was first used by Edward Lorenz in the beginning of the 1960´from an article where he wrote: “Predictability: does the flab of a butterfly´s wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas? It is a concept that states; “Small causes can have larger effects”. To begin with it was initially used in theories about weather prediction but later it became a popular metaphor in science writing. (read more on Wikipedia about the theory).

I came to think about this the other day, because it is SO easy to do, so simple and yet SO very huge a deal if you understand it. You can use it in a good way and you can use it in a bad way, it is as all other things in life: YOUR CHOICE.

What if I went to town, and the first person I would meet on the street, I would shout at, some nasty evil thing. My guess is that this person first of all would think: WHAT AN ASS she is, maybe shout something nasty back at me. Then the person would go to work, being a bit angry and the co-worker would feel it immediately and then the energy at the office would be down. When he got home, he would be angry with the kids, the wife saying nasty things, complaining about life, work, the house, the food and the list goes on. He might kick the dog, turn on the tv, complain about all the shit they show, and go to bed, having had a crappy day, his sleep would be bad as well….


What if I went to town, and the first person i would meet on the street, I would smile at and say good morning, I hope you will have a wonderful day………… you get my point I am sure, as I am sure you can already feel inside, what the two different scenario makes YOU feel just by reading them ❤

What I would love for every one to do, is to be aware of what a difference THEY can make to change the life of them self, and the life of others. If you for some reason have a shitty life, maybe not all that shitty, but just a little bit, or in some areas, what could YOU do to change it? Would it take for you to do the same as you have always done… surely not, as that would only give you precisely the same as right now. No, you have to change, maybe just a little bit, maybe just a tiny thing, and then the world around you WILL change, it HAS to because there are no other option. Nothing can be stationary if only a small tiny bit is changed around it.

I had a friend once and this friend I really did care a lot about, but we grew apart as I had a really hard time watching her see only the negative side of live, only the dark side, only see that everyone els was to blame, if not the husband or the kids or her parents or the school or the klerk at the supermarked. Always it was everyone els fault, that her life was the way it was. I did really love my friend, she had a lot of qualities that was great, but as the time passed, those qualities got smaller and smaller until her mind was so dark and she could not understand that to change the world, her world, SHE had to change. And one day, I had to let her go. I asked for some time to think, and what she did, was to send me several text messages, the first one was sweet and nice, but when I asked for her to give me some time to think, she got mad, and I did get a lot of nasty messages… so I did not reply, as I thought there was no reason to put more wood on her fire. I am sure it was hard for her to loose her friend, mostly because I more ore less was the only friend she had left. I am not sure she learned what life wanted to teach her with this, I am not sure she is capable to listen to life, and understand it, and for that I am sorry, that said, I know that I have spend so many hours talking to her, wanting to help her, but without her listening. I am sure, she is still angry with her husband, her kids, the cats, the house, the school, the world, and it is so sad, as I know for a fact, that when we do not learn the life lesson that is in everything we do experiences, then we will get it again, even harder…. so I hope, that she sill learn, before life really kick her hard.

With these words in mind, I want you to think about, when you flap your wings, do it in a good and caring way, as it otherwise could cause a storm in Texas…. What you send out, you will get right back, so why not let it be love.

I know that my flap with my wings is and always will be: to be that change I wish to see in the world… ❤ ❤ ❤  let me know what your flap will be ❤

Lots of smiles and love



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