Long time no see….

It has been a while… a long while actually… i have had an issue, well, don´t we all 🙂 My issue was if i should continue writing in English or if i should just write in Danish, I still haven´t decided yet…. so for now, well, at least for today, i will continue and maybe add a Danish translation as well 🙂

What have i been up too… i am writing on a new book, and here i actually had the same issue, should i write in Danish or in English, so i am doing both… I thought that I would be done with it befor x-mas (this year) but now I know that it most likely will not. So it will not be on the shelves for this years x-mas, unless a miracles happens… and they DO happen, so you will just never know 🙂

When you start to “over-think” things, it all get soooo complicated, it does to me, maybe you know it from your self ❤ maybe you don´t and if you don´t, then LUCKY you 🙂

What happens when I starts over-thinking is, that it all get´s so … real… and then it is as it always is (to me)… the control takes over, and nothing really flows… It is hard to get things done, it is hard to decide what to do on so many levels. So I need to step back, and just let things flow again, but that is always easier said than done. So I am practicing, every day, and some days it is easier to let it flow, and some days it is harder to let it flow. I just LOVE when things floooowwww…. it is a beautiful state of being, a beautiful state of living, so i NEED to go 100% back to that ❤

As you know, I am all about living in my heart, all about what you send out, is ALWAYS what you get back, so when you flow, every thing flows. And that is why I am working so hard on: letting go, and let love (show her pretty face ❤ ).

What do YOU do when you feel that your flow is not as it normally is? What do I do… I listens to music, I read books, I look inside and surround myself with loving people ❤ It is all: STEPPING STONES, to get back into that state.

I my car, when driving the kids to school, we often listen to music, LOUD music ❤ none of us are great singers, but we do not care, we sing from the top of our lungs… and it just feels GREAT, WONDERFUL and it makes us feel ALIVE ❤ The other day we were listening to X-mas songs, all the old once, and I could just feel the sparkel smash RIGHT into my body… it was SO refreshing ❤ oooh how I have missed that CRAZY refreshing feeling ❤ ❤ ❤

If you are out of your sparkeling-zone, let´s do something about it, let´s find it, because we KNOW that it is there… What is ONE thing you can do today to find it? Think about what makes you feel that sparkeling sensation, and DO it.

Is it:

Seeing some one special? Is it listening to some special music? Is it going for a walk in the forrest? Is it meditation or some special kind of workout? What is it? Thing about it, and start doing it, raise your energy level, get it up there, where you know you belong, do not stay below, because there are plenty of room up where it all sparkels and glitter. You can change to this, if you are willing to ❤ Just like I am changing my sparkel when it fades ❤

Here we go, we can do it, because we want to live the fullest and happiest life ❤

Sending love and lots of sparkles your way ❤




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