Would you like a drink…..

So due to yesterdays post, i NEED to write this post. If you did not read yesterdays post.. go do it 😉

I am NOT vegan, or anything like that, I just found out that I probably work better in my body and my mind without meat, dairy, fish, bird, bread… I will for sure eat a big red steak again, but not for the moment.

I am not sure if I need a label… well… ok, I don´t, so you can call me, and my food whatever you like to ❤ Now you just know, I do not mind, as long as I feed myself what I feel I need 🙂

Lets´never be scared to step outside what others think we should do, just be yourself, do what ever feels right for you, as that is for sure the only right path for you ❤

So my thoughts did not stop with what i wrote yesterday, of course not 🙂 So here we go.
Do I drink a glass or two once in a while, YES 🙂 Do i drink a strawberry Daiquiri once in a while, YES… so i am NOT a pretender, i am NOT against alcohol, I just do not really get one thing: If you go to a party or something, and people offers you a drink, and you say no thanks, then YOU are the “strange” one….. It can feel like you almost NEED to have an excuse for NOT to drink… “I am the one driving” or “I am on what-ever medication”….
How come that in the world today, YOU are the strange one if you do not want a drink, a glass of wine, if you do not want to eat this and that… how come it can be a big talking point at a party, if your table master discovers that you do not want a glas that contains alcohol…. How come???

In my world, it should be the other way around, that the one that put in all these different things into their engine, should be the “strange” one, if for some reason, someone should be considered “strange”… How come that the one trying to take (better) care of themselves are considered strange, when it is the other one, that are adding something to their body that the body really do not like, or can life from/of? Pretty interesting, right 🙂 Ok, at least i think so 😉
It is the same with all the kids drinking today… why?
Ok, here comes my thoughts, it is because most people do not like to stand out…. most people are for some reason scared of standing up for themselves, i actually DO understand that kids are like this, because they haven´t really found themselves in most cases, as many does not do that until they are pretty old, but GROWNUPS… now THAT is still a mystery to me.

Insted of spending time discussing why some one will not drink alcohol, why not discuss why people WANT to drink alcohol, now THAT is more interesting. Most of us have been to a party, and the day after, is not always as much fun as the evening was…. i have been there many times 🙂 and that is NOT a great place to be, headaches and feeling like crap… ok to me, that is a pretty good sign, that my body does NOT like what I am offering, and for sure the person who did not drink alcohol the evening befor does NOT have these symptoms of literally DYING (well at least I feel like dying the day after a party). SO if we keep that in mind, WHY is it then that the one drinking alcohol is the most “normal” person of those two? I am sure, that if we asked our body: do you want a drink? our body would reply with a BIG FAT LOUD: NO THANKS………….

I do not judge, actually I do not really care what others do, but I think that it is very interesting, and I think it would be great if more people would think about this, and just accept the: No thanks, next time someone says those words ❤

Stay true to yourself, you are the only one who really knows what are good for you… please stop caring what others think, and just do it, that also goes for those who have a “healthy” relationship with alcohol, but just consider that not every one thinks that they will expose themselves to things that they do not feel benefits them in any way ❤ that both goes for alcohol but also for sweets, cake, milk, meat etc. Just do what you want, and remember not to judge, if you do your thing, others can do their thing, and you are always in charge of what you will be a part of or not… you are your own creator ❤

Please drop your comment, if you feel like it I would love to hear your voice ❤

Lots of love ❤



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