Am I the crazy one…Or the healthy one?

Yesterday I send my daughter back to school (and my son 1 week ago) after having them home from school for the past 8 weeks. I have had the greatest time with them, and my wonderful husband, but not much time for me, my writing and what els i do normally, well, today I am back, and i will look forward to next year, where they again will be with me 24/7 when they go on summer vacation from school ❤

I have been thinking about at thing that I want to share with you, because somehow i actually think something is a strange, and I do not know about you, but for me, sometimes I cannot see the forrest because of all the tress in front of me….. 🙂

As some of you might know, I workout almost everyday ( I wish I could say EVERY day, but now that would be a lie, but i try to workout every day 😉 ) I have a nice part of our house as my own personal workout space, and I really enjoy being able to workout when ever I want to. I start my morning by spinning for 30 minutes (and also workout otherwise during the day 😉 ) so YES i do get up befor i wake up my children, and then i take a bike ride, while watching something on my ipad. Then i get my kids up, get them to the shower, dress up, do their beds and then breakfast. We have tried many different things for breakfast, bread, dairy products (not milk) protein shakes, etc. At the moment it is fruits like bananas and berries… both kids loves it, and so does my husband and I. Then during the day, we do our things and YES i do spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and so does my family actually. We spend time cooking healthy foods, and YES we also sometimes do not eat healthy, but that is very seldom. Then once in a while we go out to eat, and that is great, but on like vacations, I very fast get VERY tired of the food the restaurants offers, as it is so heavy loaded with oil, fats and many other things I am not used to eat, so I do not feel CLEAR, CLEAN and HEALTHY after that. This summer we went to beautiful Greece, Naxos and Santorini, and  I just LOVE the Greek islands, the people, the sun and also the food, but to eat this food for 14 days………. I just feel SO stuffed and bloated after the first few days, so most of the following days, i try to get as much salads and fruit as possible. Why: because it makes me feel more alive, and not tired and bloated, I really HATE that feeling, both in and on my body but also in my mind, as my mind SHIFTS into a darker place… difficult to describe, but I am sure you know that feeling from yourself. SO when we got home after two wonderful weeks, i shifted all my food, and for the past 4 1/2 weeks i have mainly been living of fruits and veggies, water and different teas, and I feel AAAAAMAZING!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

It does not mean i will never eat meat, dairy products, eggs, bread etc. again, because for sure i will, i just know that THIS works for me ❤ I am clear in my head, and in my body, and i have SO much energy, and as if THAT´S not enough…. i have lost 11 pounds (5 kilo)… as those of you who know me, knows that my weight is and always has been my issue, EVEN though I workout as i do, and eat healthy… But WHAT IS healthy??? What is it to you? To me it was lots of veggies and protein, and some fruit, but not a lot… what did i get out of it, nothing much, I wasn´t full of energy, ok sometimes I was, but most days I wasn´t…………. So I was trying SO hard, and STILL i did not get it… this kind of combination on foods, was NOT for me. So if we want another outcome, we need to switch things up, and do something different. Now after 4 1/2 weeks like this for me, my husband and somewhat also for the kids, another couple of friends, who got on the same waggon, we all see the HUGH difference, that LOTS OF both fruits and veggies are doing for us ❤

It is as simple as: going back to nature. And this has NOT being losing weight for me, that is “just” a side effect.. a bonus if you might ❤ The other things are SO much more important to me, but of course I am THRILLED that the weight is also dropping, but it was NOT why i started, keep that in mind ❤

Every evening I make blueberry/banana smoothies for me and the rest of the family, so they are ready the following morning, and i prepare the rest of the food we will have until dinner. We eat 6-9 bananas A DAY… both me and my husband… yes 6-9 😉 For dinner we do cook it together, and as my beautiful husband says: I never thought i would eat food like this without any meat… well neither did I, but this makes us feel full, no cravings, no sugar rush during the day, no headache, no feeling of stress (witch my husband normally suffers from). Nothing BUT feeling great, alert, free from a lot of crap.

So I might be the crazy one… i do not mind ❤ Any one can tell me that i NEED to have meat, eggs and dairy, but I know what feels right in my body ❤ Think about it, think what your engine is running on, what does it do for you, are you eating the right kind of food- FOR YOU? If you are NOT, It WILL show, look at your energy level, the way you feel, do you bloat like a ballon after a meal? Are you tired or not? I am 43 years old, and think I have found MY way, it might not be your way, but if you feel anything BUT: clear in your head and your body, if you are struggling with body issues, health issues and the list goes on, you MIGHT want to take a look at what you put into your engine, it can make a hell of a difference ❤

Sending beautiful thought your way, drop a comment if you feel like it, i would love to hear your words ❤

Lots of love ❤


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