Who and what do you surround yourself with….

So I read this post from a dear friend this morning, and it made me think of my book, the one i got out just around last Christmas. In the book I describe how to find back to YOU. Well, if you haven´t read it just yet… maybe you should 🙂

What I wanted to talk about today, was, WHAT kind of people do you surround yourself with? I have many people in my life, that I care much about, most of them are pretty positive, and only a very few, have then tendency to the negative approach to life. I find myself, being VERY drained when I am around negative people, so I try to limit it. Not too long ago, I needed to let an old friend go, because of many things, but one of the most significant reasons was that persons always negative way of seeing life. I found myself fed up with it, because even though I REALLY did try to help that person shift from a negative mindset to a positive mindset, nothing helped, and after a looong time in that friendship, where i felt more and more fed up with that negative energy coming from that person, I had to give up, and let that person go.

IF you are a person of negativity, keep in mind, the more negative you are, the more negative you get, from the inside of your soul, but also from the outside world. I am almost always (well… most of the days) a very positive person, even when the world i have placed myself in, shows me lemon. Of course i can cry and think life is unfair – and to me, life CAN be unfair as well, but I know it is a moment, not a lifetime. I always try to find the gift, and I always find it, even in my darkest times. You can as well! ❤

I want you to think about the people you attract, are they positive or negative? Are the little sparkling lights in your life, or the uppersite? Think about this phrase: as you think, so shall you be…. and: Likes attracts likes…. so WHAT are you?

I am so fortunate to have some very wonderful close friends, and they bring me so much light and smiles, and I love being around them. And of course they too can have down moments, but it is just what it is: MOMENTS! Remember that, and get up again, and shine with all the light you have, when YOU have your down moments. Surround yourself with as MUCH positivity as you can, surround yourself with love, and most important: GIVE OUT AS MUCH LOVE AS POSSIBLE…. There is NO such thing as: TOO MUCH LOVE ❤

As to the friend i had, i found myself NOT picking up the phone, when I could see it was that person calling, I found myself, chosing another way to drive, so I would not meet that person, and when you do that, something has to change. I am sure, the loss was bigger on that persons side, than on mine, as it was MY decision. I will never take the words of not ever seeing this person again, in my mouth as i think it is TOO big a word, but, I know for a fact, that nothing has changed so far, so now is not the time to take up that friendship again.

If you find yourself thinking, it is everyone els fault this-and-that, that the world is against you, that everyone has it for you, and that nothing good ever happens… then please, take a look at YOU, how are YOU, what do YOU send out? I am sure, if you are honest, you will see, that you are the one creating it all… so STOP and change, it is free, it does NOT cost any money, and sweat, maybe tears, but the are all worth it. CHANGE, so you will be able to see the light, the beautiful sparkling light, that life actually offers you ❤ you CAN make it happen, if you really want to. So what is more easy, to stay the same and get shit tons of crap in your life, or to change… I KNOW, but it is easily done, shift your mind and your world will follow ❤

My thoughts from today, where I still have summer vacation with my 2 kids, and my wonderful husband ❤ Enjoy life to the fullest and never make more out of negativity, than thinking it is just a moment in life, this too shall pass ❤ Positivity, love and light. send out as much as possible, as it will hit you right back ❤

Love and sparkling light and hugs from me to you ❤


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