Summer is Family time, thoughts and new goals….

We have just spend the 2 most incredible weeks in Greece, my wonderful family, a couple of wonderful friends, and me of course ❤

What we needed, was to relax, have fun, and NOTHING at all planned. And so that was exactly what we got, well.. and a LOT of nice warm weather and eye candy… Santorini is one of the most beautiful places i have been, and i have been to many places and countries ❤

When i spend time like this i get to think about what life has been since our last summer vacation, and what i want to do until next year, the same time. I love to day dream, while spending time on the sun bed… with my eyes closed and nothing but my family and friends voices in my head ❤

I always plan what i want to do, when i get home, what goals i have, and what things i want to make, do, accomplish in the next months/year…

My plans are for the next 6 months:

Write one more book, I will write in English this time, and MAYBE translate into Danish 🙂

Also i have been spending some of my time reading a book called: Medical Medium, By Anthony William… (Den medicinske seer- på Dansk) This was Really an eye opener to me, because i really enjoy taking my life and my health serious, and this is SO interesting, in my world. According to the author, you can reverse a lot of dis-ease with veggies and fruit, so my other goal for the next months, will be to get 28 days of fruit and veggies, to me and my beautiful husband. I know that to many people this could be extreme, but what IF, you could change your body, what IF you could remove old pains, what IF you could reverse type 2 diabetes, headakes. herpes, and many many more dis-eases in your body, by “just” switching your food? I guess it would be all worth it. Lucky me, i do not suffer from any of these illnesses but i know my system is suffering from old stress symptoms, and THIS is what i want to release.

As to the old quote by Hippocrates: Let food be thy medicin… Hippocrates is always referred to as the “father of medicine”…  So let´s bring it to this level… let food BE our medicine.

Did you ever watch the movie: Forks over Knives? Or: what the health…. you can either watch them on Netflix or Youtube… they will for sure make you think… let´s just keep it to that, and then go watch it 🙂 i am sure, you will NOT be waisting your time. It takes “food” to a whole new level.

A few months ago, i did for 7 weeks, eat mostly fruit and veggies, and a little meat and bread during the weekends, and i could REALLY feel the difference in my body. Now i am ready to go all the way. I will not promise that i will never eat meat again, but for 28 days, i want to see, how my body will react to it, and then i will consider what i will do after that.

I promise i will keep you updated here on my blog, as well, i will be doing this with my husband, and 2 of my wonderful friends, i guess we will make a facebook group, where you will be able to follow us, and see what food we eat, and what we will see and feel during these 28 days. Of course there will be struggles, but HEY, if it was easy, every one could and would do it, i am sure… let´s see where it will bring us 🙂

So let me end this post by saying, i am at peace, i have had 2 wonderful weeks in the sun, i have had the time to think, and consider what the next months will bring for me, and you ❤ And i have spend time with me, my thoughts and most important, i have spend time with the most important persons in my life, my family ❤

Sending love, light and a lot of veggies and fruit your way ❤


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