I love to walk in the grass, with no shoes on….

In Denmark where i live, this is the time of the year, where we get to spend some time outside, we are really never sure if it is going to be a hot summer or a cold summer… of course i love the hot summer the most, but in the end it does really not matter THAT much to me, as i KNOW there will be at least a few days with sun.

I love to spend time out siden, but also inside to be honest… i always has things to do, and that is great, hot or cold 🙂 What i love the most about this season is, that i get to take my shoes and socks of, and i get to walk around in the grass without any shoes on ❤

It makes me feel ALIVE when i can take a walk out here, when i can feel the grass under and around my feet… i think i always take in some extra, so i can pulle it out of my dreams, when it get cold again, maybe that is why i do not think winter times is so hard… because i can remember what is was like when i walked around in the grass, with my little pink feet ❤

Walking on the grass like thais, is another of my: go to happy places… find them, holde them and treasure them, and they will be there for you forever ❤

So my dear, take your shoes of, and get them little pink once out in the grass ❤

Love and light your way


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