Vacation time is coming …..

In a few day my kids gets their summer vacation from school, and i can hardly wait to spend all time with them. I know many people, who thinks this is a hard time as they will have their children out of school, for 6-7 weeks… well… that is not me.

Every year, i am looking forward to this time, as i get to spend a lot of time with them, actually almost 24 hours a day, except, them time, they are sleeping 🙂

I love spending time with them, doing a lot, and nothing at all, just be… And i think, that those people who do not enjoy that, are the once that do not enjoy life in general…

What will i do together with them… i might go to the beach, i might go to town and get them a big ice cream, i might travle with them, most important, is that i will be together with them, like we are not able to when they have their school days….

My son, 10 yo, have for the past weeks been telling me each morning when i wake him up. NOW there is only x days until summer vacation.. and i smile, because i know, that he and his sister enjoy this times just as much a me and my wonderful husband.

So i hope that the people, who think it is a burden to have their children out of school, and in their home, for 6-7 weeks, will see that the time spend with your children are worth every second, and what you put in to the “bank” now, will grow, and this is the time they will never forget, so chose wisely, do you want it to be a great time for them and you, then put your heart into it, and they will love you for it, and for sure, you will enjoy it just as much ❤

Sending summer hugs, and smiles your way ❤



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