See the beauty in every little thing…

As the days pass by, we often forget to see the beauty in the world, i think, and sometimes i think is it so easy to forget that every thing IS actually perfect, even when it is not. My thoughts are, that every thing happens for a reason, weather it is good or bad, happy or sad… it all comes in divine order.

So what do i mean by that, how can bad or evil be good and even perfect and beautiful… maybe you are wondering, and i DO understand your question. BUT i think, that out of darkness, and bad and evil, comes good, there would really be no good, if there were not the right opposite, just as there would be no light, if there were no darkness, there would be no happy if there were no sad, and my list goes on, you get the point.

And in our busy everyday life, we forget to “sit down” and appreciate all the little thing in life… we forget to see the beauty in the mess. The best way to find peace, inner peace if you like, is to take a minute, or 10 and look at the little things, man or woman, old or young, try to take maybe one of the wonders of nature, take the smallest flower you can find, and look at it as a child would look at it, see the petals, see the crown, see the beauty… and then FEEL the beauty.. really FEEL it… can you feel it.. can you feel the HAPPY bobbly feeling you get inside… i do not care if you are the “hard” man, the tough guy, or if you are the flower girl, because i KNOW that we can all see it, if we chose to.

I get overwhelmed with happy feelings when i pick up a very small flower we have in our courtyard… it looks like a very tiny orchid, it is SO perfectly made by nature, and you can look at it´s perfection for hours, if you want to 🙂 But it does not come down to this ONE type of flowers, it comes down to EVERYTHING in life… and when you can look at life, and see the beauty in everything, even the darkness and the sadness, finding the gift in it, then you will for sure always know where your go-to place is, when you need a happy place.

Look at your hands, they are in front of you most of the day, but have you ever REALLY looked at it, with curiosity.. what did you see… did you see all the structures, all the lines, did you see that they are ALL perfect, in their imperfection? THEY are, and YOU are ❤

Go find a flower, get really close to it, see the beauty, as if you saw it for the very first time EVER… do the same with your hands, your feet, your …what ever you can find, and spend some time doing this, and all of a sudden you will have a different approach to many things, you can even care for people and their imperfections, that does not mean you have to spend time with everyone, but is can give you enough inner peace, to forgive and move on to a better state of mind… try it, it works ❤

I will share with you, the small flower in our courtyard, that made me think of this ❤

Sending beautiful flowers and love your way ❤



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