Been a busy bee.. but now i am back

For the past week or so, i have been busy. I have celebrated my wonderful son who turned 10, my sweet daughter turning 8, and the love of my life, turning what-ever 😉  ❤ ❤ ❤

I have been missing in action on all social media, and yes, it might have caused me some people leaving, but you know what, it has been worth it. Because first and foremost i am a mother, a wife, and THAT should always be the most important in our lives, not our follower base, not how many will stick around to read the “next” blog post, but to be present and as relaxed as possible, when having a house FULL of guests ❤

I have celebrated, and send out love, laughed, and cried a little bit, because our son got so emotional when i held a little speech for him, but all in all, i have been full of love, and felt a lot of love from my children, my wonderful husband, and all the friends we have in our lives.

I am back to normal now, and i hope you have been sticking around, because now i am ready to post here again, and on all the other social platforms i spend my time on every day ❤

Life is beautiful, and we are not always able to do all the things we plan to, but be present, and loving and then everything will turn out juuuust fine ❤

Have a beautiful day ❤

Love and light


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