OOOhhh… i was toooo slow, or toooo shy…

It is almost summer here in Denmark, So wonderful, as this means that there is only dark here for a few hours every night ❤

I really do not care much about if it is Winther time, summer, spring or what time of year it is, because i think that every season has something beautiful for us, BUT… some of you might already know, that i live on the country side, that means that we have fields all around us, and the ocean as well, as i am so furtunet to live by then ocean as well ❤ (lucky me) And at this time of the year, there are yellow fields around me… it is rapefields… they are SO beautiful ❤

Alright i need to make a confession… i do not like the color yellow very much… (maybe because i NEED the color the most… if you look into chakra systems.. but that is another story)… So i do not have a lot of yellow in my house, clothes or other things… but every spring, when the yellow fields starts to show, i feel them, they are SO beautiful, and when i see them, they always bring SO many beautiful feelings to me ❤

This spring, when the first yellow fields started to show, i was thinking, i need to ask a farmer, if i can bring a blanket and lay down in the middle of his rapefield…. i think it could be one of the most amazing experience i could have… but you know what, one day took the next day, and the next day took the next, and so it went on, and now, today, i realized… that it was too late. … more yellow fields… so that means i have to wait one more year… but NEXT year, befor spring time, i will ask a farmer, permission to lay down, on a blanket, in the middle of his yellow field, and i guess… and hope… that he will say ok, just because he can… just because he would have nothing against letting me have this experience ❤

Just a thought, maybe you feel the same, when you see one of those beautiful yellow fields… if so, let me hear a word from you ❤ and if you have a field, or know someone who has a yellow field… maybe you could ask, if i can come there, next year in the spring ❤


Love and light is send your way from me ❤


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