THANK God, my feet do not stink today!!!

What a title…





Did i get your attention? I think i did 🙂

Of course my feet do not stink, well, most of the time they don´t… don´t know about yours 🙂 The reason of the title, is not to determine IF your feet smell or not, or mine, for that matter… it was actually written for a whole not purpose…

The other day, a person wrote to me, that she had problems seeing the great things in life, of course i get sad, when someone writes that to me, but insted of “just” sending her a hug through the internet, i wanted her to laugh a little, i wanted her to see, that we all have something to be grateful for, and the first thing that came to my mind, was that it had to be crazy, so i wrote her, if you for some reason do not find happiness or feel grateful for anything els, then be grateful, that your feet does not stink today….

She wrote me back, that she was now smiling and laughing… so for me, my job was done…in the short term….

Sometimes we take it all WAY to serious… i know, that there can be circumstances that needs more than just being happy for non-stinky feet, but if we could make ourselves smil even through tough times, if we do not lose the humor, then we will eventually win.

SO my point is, if life stinks, or if you for some reason think that you do not have anything to be grateful for, then why not be grateful for something crazy, that could maybe even make you smile… Try it next time you have a hard moment… or a friend of yours have a hard moment… remind yourself or your friend, that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for… even if that thing is: that your feet does not stink today ❤

Sending you love and smiles, and then i hope, that your feel does not stink today ❤


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