What a song can do…

This morning i was sitting in my car with my children, on the way to school, and we came to listen to the old Beatles song: Here comes the sun…

It has been a while since i listened to it last time, but this song, even though is was raining like crazy, and there were NO sun in sight, it created that feeling inside me, that a beautiful sunny morning does.

I love songs, not only one, not only one artist, but many different songs, new and old songs… i do not spend my day listening to music, i listen to books, while doing all the stuff that needs to be done, but when i sit i my car, i always listen to music, and music tends to give me a special in-spirit feeling… ❤ songs makes me feel like writing, they makes me feel loved, they makes me feel alive… so even on one of those down days, that i, just like all others, have once in a while, if i find the right song, then it can turn down to up, and change my entire day ❤

Music is one of my go-to places, when i feel a little down, or just need to feel some sparkel in my life… do you have any go-to songs, songs that you turn to when life has a tough moment? Let me know, please leave a comment, YOUR song, might just be the one that someone els need today ❤

Here i give you one of mine… enjoy 🙂 it is send from me to your heart ❤


Feel the love entering your body when you listen to is.. it works… right ❤ ❤ ❤

A loving, blessed day i wish for you ❤


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