Is your pain real???

The other day, i got a call from my daughters school, that she had some kind of pain in her left ear, so i had to pick her up… so i got into my car, and picked her up…. as she was standing outside the school, she was holding her left hand up to her ear… she looked like herself, not in so much pain, so we drove home, and i could just se me and her, on the sofa for the rest of the day, would have been nice… but, quickly, she gained her health, and miraculously se had no more ear pain…

Of course it is not ok i my house, to skip school, and of course it is not ok, to get the school to call me to pick her up befor the school day ended… but…. I think she already in the morning decided that she wanted to go home early that day, and well… when you have a mother like me (well and a father like my husband) of course we go pick her up right away.

I actually think, she felt the pain in her ear, when she was in the school, she was convinced that she was in pain, so she got what she needed, to be home alone, with me… befor we should pick up her big brother ❤

So it made me think, how often do we feel pain in our body, to think we have some kind of pain somewhere, and then it is just because of something we need, and we are really not in real pain. I think and know, that we are capable of creating anything we want, so if we need some extra attention, then it is the “easy” way to get it… at the same time, i am a strong believer, that we are also capable to heal ourselves from any pain and any disease (even cancer… if that is what we really want)…

I think that when my body sends me a sign, i need to look into WHERE is the pain, what happened up to the pain arrived, and what can i do to change the situation, and thereby, change the pain i feel i my body….

I know that when i for some reason feel insecure in my life, i get the worst back pain, then i always need to look into my life, and see, WHAT happened up till the pain started showing up, i need to clean out, say things, do things to clean my path, and then, the pain actually disappears again… but it will stay in my body until i do so.

So i am asking you to look at your body and the pain you might feel… is it in your head, your back, your neck, shoulders… where ever it is, look at it, and look at what your life looked like when the pain first arrived… clean it up, if it has to do with something, other people are acting out in your life, clean it up, talk to them, take control of your life.. let it go, had it got to do with a person, confront the person, clean it up, get the words out, let it go, and by doing this, you will regain your strong body, just never forget, that your mind, body and soul are one and the same, they go together and you should never distinguish one from the other… if one of them is suffering, your entire body is suffering.

Have a wonderful day my dear friend, and thank you for reading ❤20161215_164622

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