From – 10 to + 10… where are you?

Once in a while we take up our life, look at it, and either think WOW i am doing great, or damn, this is not my time….

Where are you right now? If you had to rate yourself and your life, where are you? Are you a minus 10 … or rater a plus 10.. or maybe a plus 3.. 4… or 5?

If you had to rate yourself in different areas of your life, what would the ratings look like?

Is there anything YOU can do, if your rating are a little low… SURE!! There are PLENTY you can do… first think, let´s say you rate your overall life to be a plus 5, then next step is to think, how could i turn it up to a plus 6 or 7.. what would it take. Think about it, pretend that you have all the options in the world, what would you chose to do to bring yourself, your life, to a higher level?

I know you can change your life for the better, if you are just willing to do the things that need to be done. Some things you can change for the better right away, other things takes a little longer to change, but with every little step you make everyday, you can make a huge change pretty quick, if you just put your mind into the wanting to change things for the better ❤

Some things you might think you cannot change on your own, it could be a relationship going the wrong way, maybe you think you cannot change it all by yourself, but let me tell you, you can… because if you start to change, your partner will eventually also need to change, due to the change in the way YOU behave… So if you cannot get your partner to understand the importance of changing your relationship, just do it yourself, that way you WILL change it for both of you. The same could be said about your working situation, and many other things, if YOU do things different, your surroundings will NEED to do things different as well.. that is just how life is… you can not continue doing the same things, if your surroundings starts to change.

So give your self the power to change things in your life, to your favor… you can do it, i just know you can ❤

Have a blessed, happy and smiling day ❤


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