FREE app… call me crazy

I have for the past months been working on an app… and now, i am ready to let you have it ❤

It is FREE and i really hope you will go and download it, you can have it on your phone, tablet etc.

So what is the app all about? Well.. it is all about motivation, i wish to give you as much value everyday, as i possible can ❤ With the app you will daily get a small beeep… on your device, and with that comes a little something you can use that day, think about, and maybe live by.

It all came from me, wanting to make some “daily cards”, where you could pick one card every day, with a quote on. A card you could use for what the card would mean to you. But it is SO much more convenient with it coming directly to you… so i sat down and worked and worked and worked.. and here it goes… the app i ready, and FREE, so why not just download it 🙂

In the app, there are a lot of FREE things, and you can also buy my book, and soon you will be able to purchase other items in there. Right now you can also purchase acces to screensavers, with beautiful and colorful quotes, there are PLENTY to chose between (at the moment there are 149 different quotes in the most beautiful colors) and the price is very little. You can also share them, when you buy acces to that part of the app. But most importantly… there are a LOT of FREE stuff in there ❤

My goal is to help you make a difference in YOUR life… help you get the most out of YOUR life, in the most POSITIVE way ❤

I would just LOVE if you would share this with all the people in your network, instagram, facebook, tweeter, etc. Let as many people as possible, get the FREE motivation every single day… The more people i can touch, the happier i will be ❤ and HEY what´s to loose… IT OF FREE ❤


Lots of love and smiles ❤






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