Change Lifes ….do thing WITH and FOR other people…

17553605_10211159197154790_4898989230970477726_nHow often do you do things for others… without expecting to get anything in return? I know some people, who never does that, and who only do things to get something back… to me that is not the way to live… but HEY.. that is of course just me… right… or?

Iam So fortunate to have a dear friend, who is working on a school, with young adults, at the age between 18-23. It is not a regular school… it is a school who has young adults who are all challenged in life, that could be from the way they grew up with their parents, or it could be they themselves made some wrong choices earlier in life, or it could be they have some kind of illnesses … so they all have a reason or more, to be in this school. What is SO special in this school is, that they have some of the days where they are working in a group. The work this group is doing, is doing is, they are working in a NGO (Non Government Organisation) They young adults are learning about India, the culture, the way they are living and so on. The young adults are then working out of the house, to collect money. All the money they collect, they bring to a small village in India, where they support an orphanage, they help and support the children there AND their families. The young adults at the school and some of the teachers working there, goes to India 1 time a year, for 14 days, where they are interacting with the children at the orphanage, and around the village ❤

Yesterday i had the pleasure to spend some hours together with these wonderful young adults at the school. As some of you might know, i have a company where we do sell Chakra bracelets made of some special treated crystals (www. And we decided a year ago, that we would donate crystals to the school, that they could make something out of, sell, and the money they earn by selling these bracelets, all goes to the project. I have been on the school many times, and i love those days, as the young adults there, are very special, they have beautiful heart, and they have a very special way of seeing life ❤

So yesterday, we had our very first day, where we made bracelets with crystals, i had all the things with me that we would need to make them, and we sat there for hours, just making bracelets, and having a wonderful time ❤

I am very impressed with these young adults, they are not the once to have had or have an easy life, and still, they find it in themselves to make a difference to others ❤

What a beautiful circle of life ❤

So if you have the courage to make a difference, then go do it… i KNOW you will feel it in your heart when you do something for and or with other people, to change the life of others ❤

I send out love and huge smiles ❤


You can see the school and what they are working for here:

And you can donate money to the school by clicking on this link below…<3

Donate Button with Credit Cards

ALL you donate, will be given to the school, there will be NOT fee, and nothing will stay in my pocket, that is a promise i make. The school does not yet have a donation button, but they will have it very very soon… until then, you can donate here- and all the money will go directly to the school, and will be given to the project and the children in India… and we THANK you with all we have in our hearts for your donation, big or small

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