Thank you for making me smile…

I have so much to be grateful about in my life, i have a wonderful husband, two amazing children, a nice handful of great friends, i have a roof over my head, a garden with pretty flowers. I can serve food for my family each day, have a warm soft bed to sleep in, a sweet dog, who follows me around the house. I have time to do the things i love to, like workout, spend time with people who has a place in my heart. I live in a country where i can feel safe, and where i am never afraid what tomorrow will bring ❤

I just spoke with two of my dearest friends on the phone, and life makes me smile, because there are so many amazing people who crosses my path, and i get to be a part of their lives ❤

I just hugged my wonderful husband, i love him, i always have and i always will… just because he is who he is ❤

I am lucky and blessed because every night i can put my children to sleep, and have time to sing, read a story, cuddle them, befor they go to sleep, and a few house later, i can spoon up with my sweet husband… thank you life, for being so good to me ❤

When we have dark hours, i think it is good to remember, that they only last for a moment, and that soon the sun shines again ❤ When we surround us with wonderful energy, wonderful people, moments that fill up our “love tank” then the dark moments will only last very shortly ❤

Be grateful of all the beauty in your life, say thank you every morning when you get up, thank you for all the wonderful people and things, that comes into your life ❤ and do the same during the day, and also just befor falling asleep… a grateful hart, is a happy heart ❤

When dark thought starts to cross your mind, try to swap them, into beautiful thoughts insted. Let the past be the past, you can do nothing about the past anyway…… but you can change the future, and make the future just like you want it to be ❤ You have the power, and with your grateful heart, it is closer than ever befor ❤

Forgive, as when you forgive others, you set yourself free, and you can smile, your heart can smile. Do not be to proud to admit when you were wrong, and let it go… just like when someone els did you wrong, let it go… it doesn´t mean you have to spend time together if you do not feel like it, just let it pass ❤

Thank you life, husband, children, friends… for making me smile, i am grateful that you are in my life, and that you allow me to be a part of your life.

I am grateful for all the beauty, all the sun, the rain, the clouds, the fun, the love i have i my life ❤

A grateful heart, is the biggest thing in life ❤

Love and smiles










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