People saying stupid words.. but what do they actually say?

Once in a while, people will say stupid words to you.. and me…

My son came home from school the other day, complaining about a boy who (again) said something stupid to him (according to him)… We both know that this boy has some issues, and therefor I (with my adult brain) does not take what he is saying, for anything.. i just let it pass… but it is not always easy for children… My son LOVES our dog, and the other boy said something nasty about our dog… And it went straight into my son, who actually got sad… But insted of telling my son, that the other boy was an ass… which i quite frankly think he sometimes is… I told my son: i KNOW that this boy, want a dog himself, but insted of saying that, he will just say something nasty about yours… My son looked at me, and said: but WHY would someone say something nasty about our dog, just because he wants a dog himself???

He is right.. WHY would someone do that????

I do not think the other boy is anything, but a boy. I do not think he is a “bad” boy.. because no children are, BUT i think it is sad, that he obviously feel the urge to bring others down, just to feel like a “big tough” boy… and i think that says so much more about him, and for that i feel sorry.

I try to tell my children, treat others as you want to be treated yourself. Be nice, and send out love. And actually i think i have two very well behaved, loving, caring children, the difference between children and adults are many, but one thing is, that they do not have the filter, well, many adults don´t either… but you know what i mean ❤

Sometimes i do get surprised about adults, because they are supposed to actually HAVE that filter.. but some doesn´t … many doesn´t … to them it is: ALL FOR THEMSELVES… and then they show their elbows as sharp objects, while they do not care at all about others, neither by their words nor their actions.

I think if we would all teach our children love and compassion and not the ALL FOR THEMSELVES mentality, the world in general would look SO much different.

What i teach my children is to turn their back to stupidity, just like i do myself. I teach them to send out love, just like i do myself. The difference between them and me is that they do not have an option to block people in their school out of their lives, just like i am able to if i want to.

So what about we all, big or small, behave nicer, more loving, more caring, to the people around us… i also do let people out of my life once in a while, i am pretty large, but sometimes, when other people step on my toes one time to many, i do turn around, and go, never to return again. I think that is wiser, than being angry, because what other people say or do, say all about them and nothing about me…. ❤ And some people you can tell and explain so many things to, and they will still just be asses… so why even bother….

I am sure, that if adults would teach their children more love and compassion, then there would not be the children, who in school, have needs to put other children down.. this said, i know my children are not little angels, they also say really stupid things sometimes, unfortunately…  but as to adults saying stupid hurtful things, THAT there are no excuses for.

Think befor you speak, send out love, and i am sure, that your world will turn out completely different, than if you do the opposite…

And back to the little boy saying hurtful things about our dog, i know, as he told me many times, he want the same dog as ours, but his parents doesn´t want a dog… so insted of that, he will just say the stupid things to hurt… if you reflect about that, then why do you think adults say stupid things when they do???? 😉

Sending love your way ❤





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