Just LOOOOVE weekends with my family

I don´t know about you, but i think the weekends runs SO fast, and then it is Monday again. I do not have any thing against Mondays, they are just like every other day, kind of… meaning.. they have just as much in it as any other day. To me it doesn´t matter if we have a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… Saturday… because in my life, it doesn´t matter… what matters and what makes the difference, and this is the crucial … my family is home during the weekends. And just like I really enjoy my time when the kids are at school and my sweet husband is at work, i really REALLY love spending time with them, so therefor my weekends are very special to me ❤

To me it is SO important, that i have breakfast with my children every day, and my husbands most of the days, as he work from the office in our house 2-3 days a week. But during the weekends, we have time to sit and talk for a long time, and i really enjoy this to the fullest. When i grew up, my family did not have time for that, and that i cannot change, but i can do it different with my own family ❤ Now my children has both got an age, where they actually can and will stay at the table, talking to us, and i think it is so important to show our children how we want things here, and thereby we wish, that they will pass it on when they get their own family one day.

We do not have a television in our kitchen, and we will never ever have one. Our kitchen is the place where we eat, talk, sit and play, make things together, and not a place, where a tv should dominate.

When our children was younger, i often wished that they would stay at the table, after they finished eating, but you know young children, they cannot get away from the table fast enough… i actually thought it was a huge issue, as i really really REALLY wanted them to stay and talk, but my (wiser) husband, told me, they will, when they get older… and so they are ❤

I hope, that what we have created while they were young, will “pay off” when they grow even older than they are today. I hope and wish, that we have opened their eyes, and minds, and that they will be the once to come home and tell about their day, and also when things are troubling them… i want to hear about their heart aches, and new loves and friendships and life in general. I hope what we have created in our family, is the opening to whole little people, who always feel, that they count ❤ because they really do!

I know of people who never have breakfast with their children, who never sit down and have lunch, and where dinner time is one big chaos… i feel so sorry for these people, as this is what they give to their children, and this is what they teach them, that meals are either alone or chaotic… i feel sad for them, and i wish that they would do a difference here, and make the children see that they count, that they are worth it ❤ That they also hereby gain their trust, and open their minds, and the “channel” to where the children knows, that no matter what, they can always come home and tell, whatever, and that their parents will always be there for them ❤

So when i bring my children to school Monday morning, i just WISH it will be Friday again soon, not because that makes a different in the day, but because, then i am able to sit with my 2 wonderful children, and my dear husband.. having breakfast for a long time, and talk together, because this is where we built their future, future of trust, love, and family ❤

Let every minute count, enjoy every step of the way, and let the people you love, know that you love them ❤







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