What is more important?

After a wonderful Easter holiday with my family, where I decided NOT to spend time on blogging, i was actually thinking… can you be a blogger and not blog for 2 weeks… well i guess you can… at least i hope so ❤

When my children have holiday or vacation from school, i try to be as present as possible, that means that my own needs, such as blogging… working out… doing my own “stuff” always become almost non existing …. why… does that mean that MY needs are not as important as my childrens needs … well… yes they are, but in the right time, and right now my children are both very young, and i am pretty sure, they do NOT care much about my need to blog, or workout, what they want, is time with me and my husband, and NOT me spending time, doing “my stuff”.

So I of course PRIORITIZE, and spend my time doing mostly things with my children and with my family. I prioritize that my children are more important, than me putting down words of thoughts, or working out (which is another great passion of mine) I put my own needs behind, knowing that soon i am able to do “my stuff” again. Also reminding my self, that my children soon enough will be all grown up, and NOT hanging around me any more… so i NEED to get the most out of this time, right now, as possible ❤

I remember when i was a child, my parents did the best they could, but the did not have much time to spend with me and my brother- i do not really blame them, but i know I do want it to be different in my own family.

I also do prioritize every single day when the children are in school… To me it is SO important to do the things i love to do, and of course i also need to do some stuff i really find pretty boring, like cleaning or doing the laundry.. but i need to do those things, just like a billion other people all over the world need to do the same boring things… all beside that, i  mostly do things i love doing. If i feel the need to NOT workout, i do not do it, if i feel i need to be on the couch for half an hour, i do that. I do not spend time with people i get drained by, and i do not run around doing things for others, if i do not feel like it…  prioritizing is important to me, and i do it every single day… so the past 2 weeks, i did prioritize my family, my wonderful husband, and my to beautiful children, i have had my “love tank” filled up, and even though i am always very tired after 2 weeks with the kids around 24/7 (remember i normally have like 6 hours on my own hand when they are in school) i am SO happy, that i am SO privileged to be able to do things this way ❤ I do hope my children will look back when they grow up, thinking they were more important than mom and dad´s “own stuff” ❤ because they ARE!!!

Prioritize what is important to you, every single day, if some one or something could not wait for that, it or they, probably were not all that important anyway ❤

Sending love your way, and today i did prioritize to write this… hope it gives you something to think about ❤




  1. I think every people there follow your blog understand your ❤️

    I hope all mom and dad will prioritize their children everyday when they’re kids, because when you have give them that time, you will have the best and most wonderful time ever, when they are growing op, because they now we will be there for them.

    I have 2 wonderful boys a they are now 24 years and 28 years old ❤️❤️
    And they’ always now where I am and the stepfather, because I will be there for them always.

    I just mean “whatever you give you will get back”

    I talk to my 2 sons almost every day maybe only 1 minutes, but I’m am have them ind my heart ❤️ And when we are together the family, we just have the best time ind the world ❤️

    And when I read your blog today, I just want to say that you are a wonderful mother and your have a wonderful family ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • So wonderful to read… thank you for your thoughts ❤

      I am sure your two sons KNOW that your are there for them, and that they can ALWAYS turn to you, no matter what ❤

      It is So important, that we show our children, while they grow up, that they can count on us, and that they know, that no matter HOW the world treats them, their mother and father (and stepfather) will always make them the most important persons in the world ❤

      Someone told me many years ago, i guess I was around 28 years old, and she was the same… that in HER parents house, she would ALWAYS be the child ❤ I think it was so sweet, and had a lot of truth to it ❤

      Thank you for sharing, have a blessed and wonderful day ❤

      Sending love your way ❤


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