Enjoy the beauty in everything….

The other day we were in the garden, working, and i saw a little spiders web, it was hidden behind some bird houses we have in our garden. I had to stop, and look at it… is was so tiny and perfect, and i had to smile, because this was a beautiful little wonder.

Everyday i see these small perfect creations, and sometimes i feel like a child who see this for the very first time in my life.

Do you ever stop and look at the small wonders that life present to you? If you do… I am HAPPY you do, if you don´t, then try to do it, try to see the beauty in everything, and your life will be so much more beautiful.

It doesn´t matter if it is a spiders web, a rain drop on a leaf, a sun beam, dust glittering in the sun, a flower- did you ever notice when you LOOK at a flower, HOW perfect it is… did you ever watch it´s colors, it´s shape? Try it ❤

Make every day full of beautiful moments, enjoy it like a little child who see it for the very first time, feel the happiness inside, when you feel overwhelmed with joy ❤ Now, in this time of the year, everything is turning green and alive, enjoy it and feel the love bubble inside you… not only will you feel happy, you will for some reason also feel much more loved ❤

Have a blessed day, a happy and wonderful day, enjoy the beauty in everything, and your life will be so much more ❤

Sending love and beautiful things your way ❤


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