If you really want to suffer…

Are you the victim…. are you? Do you want to suffer for the rest of your life? Or do you want to take your life to another level?

I for sure do not want to suffer, sometimes it takes me a while, to react BUT when i have had enough, then i have had enough, and then the reaction comes. The sad part is just, than when i first reach that NO MORE limit, then there is no way back again for me…

I do consider myself a loving and caring person, who will do all the good i can to other people, and sometimes i am a little bit naiv… as i think other people want to do the same to me…WELL that is actually not  always the truth… But insted of being a victim, i look at it, and sometimes it makes me stay a little longer hoping things will change, and sometimes, it makes me walk away, because i am NEVER a victim, i am always the one to decide, how long and how far i want to go. And that is the same for you. Never forget that ❤

You will never be a victim (except from very rare cases, and that is a completely different story) but except from that, you are never a victim.. people MIGHT take advantage of you, but you are the one to decide, and when you stand up to yourself, you will never be a victim.

If you act out of love, and act out of being a positive loving and caring human, then you do all the best you can. You always have the right to say yes, and also to say no.

People could disapoint you with their actions, but those actions say more about them, and nothing about you, keep your heart clean, and you will do the right thing, every day, every minute, every second, and then you will never be the one to suffer… i know you will not, because if others do you wrong, they will understand, if not sooner, then the day you turn around and walk out of their life, and as long as you can do that and still look yourself in the mirror and know you did everything you could, then you will not even be sad, just relieved, you will never need others to bring you down ❤

Keep remembering, you always have the right to say yes, and no… it is all up to you ❤

Sending smiles and love your way ❤





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