Show your true color

What is your true color…. how far will you go…. what is your moral… your ethics … what do you stand for… how do you take care of your life … yourself…. your family… your friends…

Are you a loving, caring person, who wants to do you uttermost to help, the people close to you, and the people around? Do you do good to others, also people you do not know? Or do you do things only with one purpose… WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT?

Let me tell you… to do thing only to gain yourself, will always backfire, and it will hit you right in your life. To do things only to benefit yourself, will make your life SO small, and meaningless… do good to others and they will do good to and for you ❤

You will meet people in your life that will suck all energy out of you, and you will maybe go with that flow, at least for a while… but one day, you wake up, and you break out of it, and THAT day, you set yourself free… ❤

Show your true color, insted of pretending… show your true color, and say stop, no thank you, when you had enough. Step up for yourself, and make a difference, to you.

I think people show up in our life for a reason, they show up to teach us something, and some of them will leave again, just let them do so, do not hold on to them, if they need to leave, just let them… sometimes they will be back, and sometimes they will not. And when they leave, then keep your mind on, that their mission in your life is over, and they ARE supposed to move on, to the next, it is their path in life, and your path in your life.

As most people, i sometimes see people leave my life, and at first glance it can make me sad, but then when i look closer at it, it always shows up, that the person leaving, did no longer bring anything wonderful into my life… so i guess, the time to leave was right, even though i did not see it at first. And when one door closes, another one will always open… so smile insted of being sad ❤

I rather want people to show me their true color, do not tell crazy stories, do not tell lies, do not do things for selfish reasons, do not be crafty, do not promise anything, if you know your are  not able to keep your words, because if you do so, for sure your “career” will be pretty small, and you will have to starte over and over and over, because people will find out one day or the next… and then you have to find new “victims” ….

I want to send out a lot of loving thoughts to all the people in the world, and also in my little world, that show their true color, the people whos friends can always count on them, the people who are honest and loving and caring, NOT only when it is for their own benefit, THOSE people are the once that show you their real color ❤

And all the people in the world, that only do things for their own reason, i send you even more love and loving thoughts, because i do feel sorry for all those people, they will always be seeking the “next” thin, the “next” person to let down, the “next” situation to take advantage of, if that is you, i send you more love, because you are the one to need that love even more ❤ and i really do hope that one day, you dare to listen to your inner voice and treat other people with love and respect, because right now you do  not have love inside, because if you had, you would be able to give it to others… as you know, you cannot give away what you do not have (inside)… so therefor my heart is crying for you, as i know you do not have love inside, and my biggest wish is that one day, you will have it, and that day you see and feel it inside, that day, you will be able to live a MUCH more wonderful life, until then, you will have such a hard time.. and i am sorry for you… ❤ ❤ ❤

Show your true color, always, as the true color, will sure make the world open for you, and will give you a life worth living ❤

Today i will spend my day with the man in my life ❤ my soulmate and the love of my life, and some wonderful friends… i hope your day will just as wonderful as mine ❤

Sending love and light your way ❤ ❤ ❤



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