Wise words, at least i think they are

I am still not religious, but some poems are just too great to not be important, even though they contain the word God… This is one of them, and i normally replace God with Love, and you can replace the word God with whatever word you want, my replacement word is: Love, and still, it does not really fit in here… but if you just read the words that this very wise woman once wrote, there for sure there will be something for you to pick out and use ❤



Live out of love, speak out of love, and you will see, your world will change ❤ and all those who did you harm, it is not up to you to punish them, they will meet Mr. Karma one day, and they will pay the price… And all those who lived out of love, they will also meet Mr. Karma one day, and they will also get what is supposed to get to them, we all know this, and yet, there will still be people living shitty lives… please do not be one of them, as you will never be able to escape what you did… unless you were forgiven by the one you harmed.. and learned from it… then you can reverse karma…

Do good, act in a loving way, and good stuff will come your way ❤

Love and hugs


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