Sometimes we need to look at a 9 year old

The other day, when i picked up my son from school, he told me that one of the other boys from school was annoying him, the other kids took some of his stuff, and played around with it in an annoying way (according to my son)… I asked him what he did, and he told me that he kind of rough took the thing out of the other boys hand, and the other boy then made a bit of fun and then left.

I looked at my son and asked him: Ok… so the other boy did that to you, and your response was to do what you did… what if, you next time, just ignored it, just let it pass.. just let the boy do whatever he did, and you just turn your back to him, insted of reacting, what do you then think will happen??? My son looked at me with his big brown eyes, and said: NOTHING… i think NOTHING would happen… and i was smiling, as i saw in his eyes, that he understood my message.

I am sure you get it too… it is NEVER fun to do ANYTHING, good or bad to other people if they do not react in any way… if we do good, we would love to get a smile back at least… and well… it is the same when we do something bad as well… we still wait to get a reaction, so why is that so difficult to understand, that people do not do anything unless they get something out of it…

If it is good things, it is pretty simple, we love to do something back, to let the “giver” know that they just made us smile inside, but at the same time when they do something bad to us, we think we need to “reward” them by doing something in return, because that is what they expect… and that is pretty normal, but is it what works… is it what will give us the most out of a situation? When i think about it… i do not think so. What if, when someone did something bad to us… we just turned our back to them, and walked away… not for good, but just to let them know that we do not condone their behavior … see THAT would make a hell of a difference… When someone is doing something bad to you, insted of reacting, make it your way, to NOT react. Make it your way of saying: i do NOT think this is ok, this says everything about you, but nothing about me…

If we would just look at the advices we give to our children, we might just find more inner-peace ourselves. Because it is often the most simple things, that makes a whole lot of differences in life ❤

To feel light inside, do not let the heavy stuff bring you down ❤

Love and kisses is send your way ❤



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