Sometimes we lose ourselves…

Sometimes we get caught up in life… and then we lose our power … we feel helpless and weak… ok i do not know if you ever feel that, but i do…

This times it took me almost 2 weeks to get myself together, i was lost, and weak, and felt nothing but sad… i did practice all the things i know will help, and my mood was a little better, but still, i could not feel it all i my heart as i am used to be able to… and i missed it.. I LOVE feeling life in my heart, because when i do that, life is so much more beautiful ❤

Those weeks, are not the funny once, and tears can come, lucky me i have a wonderful  husband, and wonderful friends, and they will help me every step on the way… but somethings you have to do more or less alone, because you cannot or will not, really explain WHY you have this sadness inside.

This morning, i decided to take my control back to me. I will not let the sadness be the one to rule my life, so i cleaned the house, i meditated and i worked out… and the i walked to pick up the kids… and all of a sudden I felt the sadness was gone, and i smiled, my heart smiled again ❤

When i decide to take my control back again, and do things for ME, because they are important to ME, i feel it… i will not just “go with the flow” and stay sad and miserable, i want to feel the happiness inside, because i have no reason NOT to… There will always be people who wants to make you feel like crap… do not let them get to you! It tells NOTHING about you, but all about them! I guess some people just feels like this, and want others to feel the same, because they THINK that will change their own situation… but trust me… IT WILL NOT! I refuse to take the shit, and i refuse to let those people control anything, well at least not in my life… what others do allow, is never up to me.

I want to feel love in my heart everyday, and that is MY decision… i want others to be inspirit by my thoughts and actions… Never do question that i speak and act out of love, that is just the way i am, because that is what i decided to be like, this is how i want to live my life… you can never ever defeat that and you will never be able to put something in my mind, that makes me lose my conviction on this matter… with love, loving actions, truth and a clean mind, you will always get SO much further in life, than if you chose the opposite!

So here you go… if you do not like that THIS is the way i think and live my life, be sure i do not care how you live your life, as long as i can do my “business” and stay true to what i feel inside ❤ and that is eternal love, and to put love first, with a true heart, that is the way i chose to live my life ❤

Have a beautiful day, i know mine will be ❤

And thank you to all the beautiful people in the world, in my world, you make me feel this love everyday ❤ always remember that ❤

Love from my heart to your heart ❤






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