I have a wish….

… will you help me make my wish come true ❤ ????

A lot of people write me private messages after reading my blog… and for that i am very grateful ❤ THANK YOU so much for taking your time and read what i have on my mind, and reply to my thoughts, it really means A LOT to me ❤

I do however have a wish, i know it might be a lot to ask, but, i will ask any way… because when i write here, i do it not only to entertain my selv, but because i really think that my words and way of viewing life, could be something that YOU could apply to your own life, and that is actually my biggest wish, that my words, could bring something to your day, and your life. I would love to help you, help yourself, to change your world.

Maybe you already HAVE the perfect life, i do wish that for you ❤ Maybe you ALMOST have the perfect life, i also do really wish that for you ❤ you might also have everything BUT a perfect life, or just missing out of some areas in your life, and then my wish is to help you to be able to change those areas into what YOU would love your life to be life ❤

I am not applying that i am wiser than anyone els, actually quite the opposite, but what i think i have, is the time, i spend, on helping you, see the world in a different light.

I know how life can treat us… and it is not always from the most beautiful site. I do not run around in my party outfit everyday either… i wish i did.. because that would make it all SO much more fun, but that is not how things go… right… or is it? So what if I decided to just do so? I know i would love to ❤ What i mean is more or less, let´s go for the things that WE just LOVE to do, because everything els makes it all so complicated.

I want 100% to be and do exactly what i feel like, not to do things i do not like, not be with people i do not feel bring me anything, and if you asked me just a few years ago, i would compromise with that, but today i dont´t do that and 99,9% of the time i live by my words of only do things and be with people I feel for… why… because life is too short to not that.

I still have a wish, and that is to help others do the same, live their life to the fullest, live their life, as they want to, and not just live what others want them to.

If I could have you make one… just ONE of my wished come true, then it would be for you to share my message to all your friends… share my blog posts… my instagram updates… my facebook posts… maybe you think your friends do not care… but what if you are wrong, what IF they actually would love my words, and maybe even need them, to change their life, so that they can live it like they want to, then maybe… just maybe, i am what they need ❤

The day i started talking to my friends about the way i really… REALLY, see the world, that day so many of them revealed something i did not know about them, and their lives, and the way they view things… and i was actually quite surprised… in the positive way ❤ But still i thought that they could get even MORE out of the things they did, or did not do…

I think one of the most important things to remember, is to live from your heart, it might not always be easy, but i will ALWAYS be worth it ❤

So my wish is, if you would share what i write, so we can get the words out, on how to be a better you, be a better me, be more loving, and in connection with your higher self… without turning this into a religious thing, because it is NOT! These things i write, you can read if you are a Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Hindu, what ever you believe in ❤ So go ahead, and share ❤

I hope you will help me, get the words out, as this is what my heart is burning for, always and forever ❤

Hugs and lots of love is send your way ❤


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