As I sit right here….

As i sit here, in my living room… i feel the sunlight warming me up.. and there is nothing that can make me feel more beautiful, than when the sun does this to me ❤

Last week i was out buying grosseries, and when i came out to my car, with a shopping cart full of veggies and fruit and healthy stuff (and a little bit of chocolate) the sun hit me right in the middle of my heart, and i feel SO blessed, and beautiful, and loved ❤ It was AMAZING, and i could do nothing, but smile… smile in my heart and on my face as well ❤

I am not sure, i think many people feel like this, but do you ever put words on it?

I feel like a little child, when i feel the sun kisses my face, and i feel SO alive ❤ I know i am a lucky girl, i have the most wonderful husband in the world, my soulmate ❤ i have 2 beautiful children, healthy and both very thoughtful (most of the times) and i have a lot of amazing friends.. i am really really lucky, and i really do appreciate all that i have in my life. I have a house, roof over my head, and i never have to go to bed hungry or afraid… and then i STILL get the luxury to feel like the most beautiful person in the world, when the sun kisses my face, on a parking lot, out side a supermarked, THAT is a blessing ❤

There would never be a sun, with out the moon, there will never be light with out the dark… there will never be happiness with out sadness… but all in all, let´s make sure, we have more of the light and love, than the opposite ❤

It is ALLLL RIGHT, actually VERY ALLLL RIGHT… to feel like a child, in your heart, a happy joyful child, when you feel something amazing inside… share it, and let others get a glimpse of the happiness you feel… i am sure if you do this, you will make a difference in someone´s life today, as your positive, joyful, happy heart will be contagious, and the more love we send out, the more loving this earth will become.

Never take life for granted, never take the sun for granted, be thankful, even for the small things in life. A grateful heart, is a happy heart, and a happy heart, is a happy life ❤

Sending smiles, love and a sun kiss to you today ❤






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