Sometimes when i feel defeated


Yesterday i had one of those days… did not really feel like doing anything, did not really feel like anything… I really hate those days, but insted of letting my self go, i do something els, because i do refuse to let my self go…

I wrote this to a friend and she told me, just like i would have told any one els: smile…smile…smile, because tomorrow is a new day ❤

So i smiled, and smiled and smiled, and then i worked out a little bit, even though i did not feel like it at all…

I listened to one of my favourite authors, and all of a sudden, i could feel the roof lifting, and the lightness was back in my thoughts and my body…  I KNOW that the downs will arrive sometimes, and the ups will be here most of the time, but insted of going to bed just as i woke up, i did go to my “happy places”…

My “happy places” are :

❤ my wonderful husband

❤ my lovely children

❤ my dear friends

❤ my books

❤ nature

❤ workout

❤ my creative space(s)

What do you do when you are down and out? Do you have your “happy places”?

What i use my “happy places” for, is to get my vibrations up again… your “happy places” can be different from mine, just as long as you have some, and you know where they are ❤

I know that all in life is just moments, and so are negative thoughts. Do not hang in the negative spot… remove yourself from that, and then even the ugliest moment, is just a small moment… i know it because i have been there… when you surround yourself with “happy places” you can go to when needed, then life will become so much more beautiful and worth living ❤

You could make a list of your “happy places”… if you want, only to look at when you need it, because you might think in all you light moments…”oh it is no problem, i do remember them”… but the fact is that you do not necessarily REMEMBER your “happy places” when you need them, and THEN it is always great to have that list.

Every thing in life is just moments, some longer, some shorter… try to make your downs as short as possible, by FORCING yourself to leave the negativity as fast as possible. Like attracts like… so when your thoughts are kept positive and loving, THAT is what you attracts ❤

I send you love and light and a happy place, where you can always go to: here ❤








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