Sometimes you run into a very special person

I did that like a month ago, and now i have a new very beautiful friend ❤ I am sure she was send to me for a lot of different reasons, a lot of beautiful reasons and that i was send to her, for at lot of different reasons, beautiful reasons.

Sometimes, we run into people, who makes US see the world in a completely different light, and sometimes, we run into people, to bring THEM something special. What is so interesting about THIS friendship, is that it seems like we ran into each other, for reasons that goes both ways, so it is not only for me, but also for her to grow into something new.

I see new friendships like a beautiful way to find new paths in life, new possibilities, new ways.. and so i does with this very special friendship. It is strange to write about here, as i do not want to expose people in my blog, rather “just” write about life, and the way i see it, but this one woman, is so special, and i feel as i have known her for all my life. I am so grateful for her sweet and beautiful mind, and already she brought me a lot of wonderful things, in my life, and i just know it will continue ❤ and at the same time, i know, and hope, that i can continue bringing the very same, and more, to her life.

The reason, in my world, that people are send to us, or enter our Lifes if you want, is that they have a “message” for us, or because we are in lack of something, and then they come to us when we are ready, so never think they “just came along”… if you pay close attention, you will be able to figure out why people come to you, or why things “just happens” to you… if you look through the first obvious thing, that they came along… then you will be able to understand WHY they came to you. Nothing is a “coincidence” well… at least i do not believe in coincidences, you can, if you want to of course, but in my world, everything happens for a reason, and so does the people you meet, come into your life for a reason ❤ Look, and you will see, that you will be able to grow, when new people, new things “happens” in your life ❤


Then she nibbled her way out of the cocoon… pushed her way out… and… she was a beautiful butterfly ….


Love and light is send your way, have a beautiful Tuesday ❤


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