I see it, when i believe it…..

Some of you might think i made a mistake in the heading.. but i did not ❤

Most people know the saying: i believe it when i see it…. i think it is the other way around… i think it is like this: I see it, when i believe it….

So where is the difference?

There is a great difference, and it is, as always, all up to YOU and how you view the world.

Do you think that happiness is something that you will feel, when something good is coming to you, and therefor you will just sit around, waiting for it to arrive…. or do you think that happiness will arrive, when you believe you are the one that can actually MAKE it happen?

Do you believe that you can change your life, and when you do, THEN you believe it… or do you believe it and THEN you see the world around you change?

Your body is full of intelligent cells, so if you “feed” it with: I believe it when i see it… then for sure you will never ever get what you want. Insted of that, you could shift your mind to: i see it when i believe it, and then start believing that you can actually change things around in your life.

It is all up to the mindset you have, the way you look at the world.

A friend asked me about an incidence yesterday, and asked, how did you get on with your life after that… well i COULD have just sunk into the crap, and made the assumption that i would believe things would change, when i start seeing them change… or i had the choice to believe that the things would change and then see them do so… and i did the last… and as soon as i started believing that they WOULD change, because i could already picture them change, then they did starte to change….

Never underestimate the power of your thought… they can litterally change your world ❤

So from now on, try to change the words from: i believe it when i see it, to i will see it, when i believe it, and i promise you, you will see your life go to a whole new level ❤

I believe in your capability to shape your own life ❤



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