The eternal happiness… is in the end of your tail…

Yesterday i was listening to a book, by one of my favorit authors… Dr. Wayne Dyer… he was an AMAZING man, unfortunately he died a year ago (august 2015).. that was a BIG loss, but he lives on, in his books and a lot of other wonderful things he brought to this world ❤

He was amazing in so many ways, and many of you have seen some of his quotes, on my instagram profil… i never ever get tired of him, because he had so many facets.

One of the small stories he told in the book from yesterday, was the one i have put in the blog today, because, so many people never understand that happiness is something THEY create themselves… you will never find it outside of your body… you will never be able to have others give you happiness, unless, you have it inside your self ❤

You have to CHOSE happiness.. you have to CHOSE to live the life that makes YOU happy, to FEEL happy. Many people think that “this” will make them happy, and when they get to “this” they discover, that it did not make them feel happy, so they chase the NEXT “thing” just to discover, that “this” did not make them happy either… but if you CHOSE to live the life, live it full and completely, honest and true… then you WILL feel the happiness inside.

So many people do not KNOW or UNDERSTAND how to get happy in their life… it ALL comes from inside of you, when you make the right decisions, when you stand up for yourself, then you will realize that you, and only you, can create happiness in your life.

If still in doubt, you can buy my book (you can buy it in here in the shop) and i will help you, and teach you.. as you CAN find it, and when you do, it will change your WHOLE world ❤

Here comes the wonderful short story from one of the most amazing people i have ever known ❤

One day an old alley cat is out for a walk when he notices a kitten chasing its tail around in circles. Slightly amused, the old alley cat watched this go on for quite some time. Finally he walked up to the kitten and said, “Excuse me little Kitten…I’ve been watching you for quite some time chasing your tail in circles, what exactly are you doing?”

Without stopping, the kitten replied, “I just got out of Cat Philosophy School…Today we learned two things…The first…is that the most important thing…to a cat…is happiness.”

There was an awkward silence as the kitten was clearly out of breath. “And the second thing?” asked the old alley cat.

The kitten took a deep breath, “The second thing is that…happiness is found…in our tail…So I’ve been…chasing my tail…because… when I catch it…*gasp*…I’ll have a hold…on…eternal happiness.”

The old alley cat was amused. “You know, I may have not had the same advantages you’ve had in life. And I never went to Cat Philosophy School. But I’ve been out on the streets for the last 13 years and I’ve learned the same thing.”

“Really…” said the kitten, “Did you…catch your tail…and get…eternal…happiness?”

The old alley cat shook his head, “No…I never caught it.”

The kitten stopped chasing his tail and turned to face the alley cat, “Well…what happened then?”

The old alley cat said, “It’s true that happiness is the most important thing in the world for a cat. And it’s true that it is indeed located in our tail.”

He paused before continuing.

“But I’ve discovered that if I go about my business…and live my life the way I want too…my tail follows me wherever I go.”

❤ ❤ ❤

I will let those words be the last for today ❤

Have a wonderful Friday, i send you love and smiles ❤


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