Never reply to anger, with anger…

Do i never get angry… of course… i am just a human 🙂

But actually it is not very often that i get angry, or upset… i do have up days and i do have down days, but my down days is like a very few every year, and for that i am very grateful. I do not think that i am special in my way of thinking compared to others, and then again i am.. i think… pls correct me if i am wrong 🙂

The other day i had a woman call me, she had tried to make a purchase on a webshop where i do sell some of my items from… when she makes the purchase, i get an email from that webshop, and then i can ship the customers purchase… well, at least that is how it is SUPPOSED to work… but.. i did not get the email from that website, so i did not know that she had made a purchase… so she called me and was SO angry and upset.. and i was like: WHAT THE HELL…. i tried to explain to her, that i had nothing to do with it, but that i was happy she called me, so i could fix the thing… but she could or would not hear me… and in the end, i told her: i hope you will have a wonderful day, and i had to turn of my phone… I normally do NOT hang up on people, but this woman was SO upset and angry and was calling me a lot of nasty things.

I could of course have replied in the same way, and i probably would, many years ago, but not now. I was just thinking after that, what did she think she would get out of it… she must have had a crazy day befor she called me. Of course i could just have played along with her, but i didn´t… i do not know what she did after me hanging up on her, but i guess, that she did not feel any happier.

My thoughts are, that if i do not reply anger with anger, then it stops right here and now, i do not have to get my day spoiled, because of her, maybe her husband was an ass in to morning, according to her… or her boss was an ass…according to her…. or her kids was behaving like asses… according to her.. but why not just go to THEM insted of me… that is completely insane… why not just go to the source, insted of trying to “fix” the anger, through others?

I actually ended up canceling her purchase, because for sure she would never be happy for the item she tried to purchase… and maybe that in the end, could make her even more upset.

And insted of letting this get to me for days on end, that she called and was a nasty woman, i let it go, i know it had nothing to do with me, and therefor, i will never reply anger with anger…. when you speak from your heart, and out of love, you get to go faaaaar longer, than when you act like a crazy angry person ❤

(i did speak to the website after, to let them know something is not working in their system… so let´s hope it will work in the future 😉 )

Sending love and light your way ❤



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