Thank you…thank you…thank you <3

From my heart, a big warm, happy, smiling THANK YOU to all of you, you made my birthday yesterday, the most wonderful day ❤

I woke up, with my wonderful husband, and children, singing a birthday song for me ❤ I was so happy, as there is nothing that we can take for granted, but these wonderful 3 people, have stuck by my side for many years ❤

They had made the most wonderful breakfast table for me, and my heart was smiling ❤ They had found some presents for me, that was spot on, and the knew excatly what i would love, but what was more important to me, was the know that they had been out together, finding those things for, while having the best time together… the kids were bobbeling with JOY as they were looking at me, unwrapping the presents, they had almost no chance of sitting still on their chair while being all excited about what i would say to the presents they found ❤ i am still smiling inside out, because of their joy ❤ WHAT`S NOT TO LOVE ❤

In the afternoon some dear friends came to celebrate my birthday, and at that point my wonderful husband and children had a HUGH birthday cake made for me, with hearts and lots of love… ❤ ❤ ❤

I am sitting here today, wanting to share my feeling of being blessed, loved, and cared for by not only my own little family, but by so many people, people who i know, but also by people who follow me here, on facebook and instagram… You all made my day SO beautiful, and for that i am SO grateful and very very happy ❤ Thank you, thank you, thank you from my heart ❤

Lots of love and kisses




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