Actually i do not mind….

Today is March the first… that means spring is officially here, and that means, summer is also on its way ❤

I really do not care what time of the year it is, because every season has it´s own charm, BUT i would be an ass to say that springtime and summer time is not my favorites any way.

I am so blessed that i live on the country side, and also i live very close to the ocean, so to me, i see the seasons change, and i know that very soon i will be able to see the new little green “things” coming up all around me, and that makes me smile, both in my face and i my heart ❤ What is more nutrient for a soul, mind and body than to see the surroundings turn all green and luxuriant, than when nature show her self from her most beautiful side ❤

Spring and summer time means a lot of time, we can spend outside the house, and actually i think there should be a law, telling us all that we HAD to spend AT LEAST 1 hour, ok maybe just 30 minutes… but anyway… we should spend time outside, everyday, bare feet, just taking in all the beauty that nature gives us… it would give less depressed people, more smiles and more health to all of us ❤

A bit of sun shine and fresh air, can work miracles in all of us ❤ so let´s go outside, open our eyes, and suck in all the wonderfulness outside… take it inside… let the happy bobble in, and let them play in your body… your energy level will rise, and i KNOW you will just smil the biggest smile, because, green is good for the eye, body, your soul and your heart ❤

Sending spring time smiles and love your way ❤


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