If you could choose……………..

If you had the choice, to take either the left or the right path in life… how will you know which path to choose?

I do not have the golden answer for you, i wish i had, but no, i am so sorry, i do not have that, BUT i know who has got it… are you ready to hear it?

Here it comes:

YOU!!!! ❤

Only you know it, and you know what is more crazy, your BODY knows it, even befor YOU know it… i mean, befor your conscious mind knows it… and if you listen to your body, it will tell you what to do, and if you need to go to the right or the left path.

I have done it SO many times, and when i use my head, insted of my heart- things always go wrong, so when i use my heart, i always hit spot on with the things i need to do, do, not go, not do.

So does that mean you should listen to your body, your heart, your gut feeling… YES ALWAYS, if you ask me.

Take a look at previous things in your life, and think about how you made the decision to do either this or that… what has happen when you listen to your body? And what happen when you listen to your head…. it is really two very different things ❤

If i had ONLY listened to my head, my life would for SURE not look like this today, but i have listened to my body, my heart many times, and when i listen to my body, things turns out to…. where i stand today ❤

Give it a try, begin to listen to your body, begin to trust your heart or your gut feeling, and you know EXCATLY what to do and when to do it ❤ Enjoy your new way of thinking 🙂 your body never did lie to you and it never will ❤

Sending love and light your way ❤ believe in your own power ❤


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