How often did YOU not do this?

So you get up in the morning, get out of bed, go into the bathroom… look yourself in the mirror and then think OH MY GOD… i look like…. fill in the blanks….

Probably it is NOT the nicest words you label yourself with… well, maybe you do, and if that is so, then LUCKY YOU, because most people do not…. they tell themselves everything from: I look like crap, i look fat, i look tired, my belly is to big, my butt is to hugh, my ears are looking like i am going to fly away soon, my skin looks old, i have SO many wrinkles and the list goes on…

So what if you insted of all those degrading words, tried a DIFFERENT approach… what if you insted would tell yourself, i look beautiful, just the way i am (EVEN if you know you have wrinkles, a big butt, a big belly, to many kilo on the side) what if you simply told yourself: I AM BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY I AM… how do you think THAT would make a difference in your day?

I can tell you that i was one of those people who used to step on the scale every morning, and again every evening… and what was on the scale, would most likely set the mood for the first hour or two of my day, and just to make myself even more shitty, i would do the excat same thing every evening, just to make my day “complete” because then i could have the (often) stupid number on the scale in my mind as the last thing befor i went asleep. Just to do it aaaaall over again the very next day… starting my day of putting my self down, together with the everything BUT nice words i could give myself. WOW what a shitty way to start AND end a day….

2 years ago i meet this VERY disgusting person! Normally i do NOT have issues with people, and i think i am a pretty easy going person, but in this situation, there was a DISGUSTING, NASTY, SHITTY person who entered my life…. not by my own invitation, but it just was this way.  Well…. for the past year i do NOT use my scale any more, actually i gave the scale to this DISGUSTING, NASTY, SHITTY person… ok i just did it in my thoughts, because it is actually still in my bathroom… BUT in my thoughts, i gave the shitty scale, to that shitty person, and from that day, i have not been on a scale… So insted of degrading yourself every morning, give your scale to the person in your world that you REALLY despise, even if you can only do it in your thought… give it away! And then start talking nice and loving words to yourself ❤

It really helped my mood, i am not perfect in my body, far from, but i think i am a pretty nice, sweet, loving person, so why choose to put myself down every single morning and evening… Insted i choose to tell myself, when ever I get the chance: i am a sweet loving, caring, good hearted person, i do what is in my power to be a decent person, i do all in my power to LIFT others up, and not down… so i am all in all, a wonderful person. I love me, just the way i am ❤ I promise you, that when you do this, your day will look so much different.. givet it a try ❤

Love and smiles ❤



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