I AM…give it a try

I know i DO talk a LOT about these two words, and i DO know, that some might think…what ever they think, but then it is probable just because they do not understand the true meaning of these two words, and HOW powerful they are.

To me they are not just two random words, to me they are THE words… and the day a person understands, like REALLY understand the meaning of them, the world will never be quite the same any more, the world will be SO much more, as the day a person understand these words, that day, you will discover, that YOU are the one to make your world bright and shinny OR dark and hard…

Do not every use the two words in front of negativity, do not ever use these two words to put yourself down, do not ever use these two words in a context that will bring you and what you do, down.


Try to feel it in your body when you say:

I am tired….

I am sad…

I am angry….

I am fat…

I am not a good person

What does this do to you and your body… you will most likely feel it as a burden on your shoulders, you will most likely be able to feel that your body is crumbling under these words… so for sure, when you THINK about it, this will NOT bring you anything good… rather the uppersite!

Try this insted:

I am awake…

i am happy….

i am happy…

i am healthy….

i am a wonderful person…

How does this feel in your body… i am smiling right now, because i KNOW, i just KNOW you feel the difference ❤ You will feel how your body lift itself up, how your shoulders get into place, rank and beautiful, standing up for yourself.. i just KNOW this is how you feel… so my dear friend… listen to your body ❤

I know that some mornings when you get up, you might not feel all that positive, healthy, skinny, loved, bla bla… as you would LIKE to, but remember, when your husband, wife, YOU, ask your self, to keep it positive. Maybe you are not all that happy… but try to say it anyway… I AM HAPPY…. maybe you are not all that skinny as you would like to be.. but then say I AM HEALTHY (because you are building and working on your health)…

I am not always finding myself as skinny, happy, laughing, smiling as i would LIKE to, but insted of letting my self get caught up in: I am fat, sad and stupid… i PRETEND to be the positive… and you know what, it WORKS, so insted of having a shitty day, i turn it around, and my world looks beautiful, happy, healthy, smiling… I have down MOMENTS as well, as everyone els, but i then tell myself, this is just a moment, and this TOO will pass.. I am happy, I am love, I am loved, I am smiling, I am healthy ❤


Sending to you, a lot of beautiful I AM´s ❤ try it yourself 🙂 and let me hear your voice, on how it works for you ❤


Love and smiles ❤








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