The ugly duckling

Remember the famous fairytale by H.C Andersen??

I do ❤

My wonderful grandfather use to read his stories to me and my brother when we children. And today, i have those old books here in my house, my grandmother gave them to me when i was 14 years old, and they have followed me all my life ❤

I just got to think about, that story, as this is what most of us will discover in life, that we start out as a little person, but when we grow up, and if we stay open and willing, we will grow up to be beautiful swans…

I think many people go through life without knowing their potential, and without knowing what they are capable of, if they REALLY want to do things.

I create my life, i am my own creator, and in my life, there are no limits. If i want to do something, i go for it, and i do it. You can do the same ❤ you are strong, and you are the one to create your life ❤ maybe you are even stronger than you think you are… give it a try. And if you need help, let me  know, and i will help you.

As you think, so shall you be ❤

If i surround myself with negative… that is what i will have in my life, but i choose positive, i choose happiness, i choose the truth, i choose freedom, and i choose love… all this, is what i create, because this is what i want in my life… so be careful, what you fill your life with… chose wisely ❤ because when you ask, it will be given to you ❤ therefor, chose beauty over bad, choose happy over negative. It vibrates much higher, and happy will bring more happy (you can also chose the uppersite, but then THAT is what you will be given)

I chose happy and beauty for me today, and i chose the same for you ❤

Love and smiles to you from me ❤



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