Even if you made the dumbest thing in the world…….

Did you know, AND understand, that we are loved, even if we do not remember it from time to time?

And did you know that you actually ARE loved, no matter if you remember it or not?

Do you know that you are loved, even if you sometimes believe that you are not?

That means no matter if you believe it right now or not, i can tell you, that it is the truth!

I never wake up thinking that i am NOT loved, because i know i am. And i can feel it all day. I know my wonderful husband loves me, and that my precious children loves me, i know my dear friends loves me, but most importantly, i know that I love ME… i know i am ok, even on my “not-ok” days, i know that no matter what, i am loved because i am worth loving, just like everyone els is worth loving ❤

Never think you are not loved, if you think so, it is because that is what you made your mind up to believe. And let me say one thing, THAT IS SO STUPID!!!

Even if you made the dumbest thing in the world, it will never define you as a person, it will only define a moment… so learn from it and do it better from now on!

Do not put yourself in a position where you think that you are not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, rich enough,  beautiful enough, “what-ever” enough or worthy of loving because THAT IS THE DUMBEST BULLSHIT!!!

And if you think so about yourself, PLEASE email me right away (m.e@os.dk) and i will tell you otherwise, because i am SURE you are just as lovable as everyone els in the world… just reach out, and i will teach you that, and i will even do it for free, so you have got NOTHING at ALL to loose, just send that email, or comment below… and i will for sure turn your head the right way, so you can see it too ❤

To me self-love, and thereby also LOVE to the world, AND allowing others to love you and to me it all starts with loving your self!

My definition of self-love, it is the entire essens of WHO YOU ARE.

To me, self-love is in essens: a loving attitude from which positive actions arises that benefit YOU and other people.

To me, this attitude of self-love is based on an awareness of WHO you are and WHATlove is .

To me, this awareness is actually, who we ALL are and what love is. that is why REAL self-love always benefits every one.

To me, love does not know how to singles out 1 person and leave out another.

To me, self-love teaches you how to love your self and how to love others, because in the end, it is all the same love. So HOW do I love my self, and HOW do i love others… to me it is actually the same question.

To me self-love is:

Self-love is never EVER your personality- self-love is WHO you are.
Self-love is ALWAYS a question about how you REALLY feel about yourself
Self love is always free of judgement
Self love is a secret promise we have to keep to ourselves, and it is a promise we made to ourselves, the day we came into this world, this promise we made was to remember our love to ourselves, a love to our own eternal person and a promise that we will never get lost in superficial appearance

To me, love is how we recognize ourselves everyday and also how we recognize others everyday. And to love somebody is a promise and a commitment that says, i do NOT forget who you are, and i NEVER will , I will NOT abandon you, and together we WILL remember, what is real in this life.
Just a few thoughts from me today… let me hear from you, send me a message, a comment, and email… i am right here, waiting for you to show up

Love and smiles ❤

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