Childbirth…. that is SO easy

Still working on my app.. and it is going GREAT, BUT i would just mention, that it is SO much easier to give birth to 2 wonderful children, to get an app up and running ❤

Stil not all done, but it will be in a few days… well.. actually it is, but the team who is uploading it, have had a lot of issues uploading it, so i will collect ALL my patiens, and soon it WILL be running, and i am so excited to show it to you all ❤

I am normally a pretty collected person, but what can REALLY upset me, is when i do not get the technology, and yeah… well… i am not at all an expert, so this actually CAN take pretty much of my energy 🙂

When i was sitting there, getting more and more upset, i got messages from 2 very dear friends… thank you both for sending me wonderful and positive energy 🙂 Now i am ALL relaxed again, and smiling, so you see, friends are the most wonderful thing in the world… i think 🙂

Soon i can get my thoughts into my blogging again, and not all the app development… oh i am SO excited 🙂 and HAPPY that i do not have to make a new app every week 🙂 🙂 🙂

Sending a BIG smile and a weekend hug to all of you 🙂



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