Noooo more!

Who would have ever known, that it can take soooo long… i am done… have been sitting with this for almost the entire day, and now… i am DONE.

So i have been working all day on my new app… and now… i think i have finished it. I THINK.. because you never know, right 🙂

I did not know one bit about app´s and how to create them 1 week ago, and now, soon my very first app will be ready, it is now all up to App store and google Play to get the last bit done.. have to wait from 2-15 days befor it will be “in the air”.. are you excited?? I AM 🙂

So tonight i will not be sitting with my laptop on my…lap… i will be on my sofa, with the man of my dreams, having a relaxed time, having a bit of fun, and holding hands. See THAT is life 🙂

What i wanted to say is, that no matter how LITTLE you know about things, never be affraid of trying them out, you might end up succeeding just as i did. No things are too small, no things are too big… just go for what every you want to, and i am sure you will succeed ❤

I am a bit busted, i think i need a few days without having to program something i have no clue about… just do something fun…. ok i did actually have some fun doing this as well, and at the same time, i did learn a totally new thing to me.

If someone would have asked me a few years back, i would never have imagined i would be able to sit here, february 8, 2017 and say, i did make my very first app…

I promise to tell you the name of it as soon as it is in the app stores available to you. It will be there for both iphone and for android … cross your fingers for me, that it will be ready very soon 🙂


Have a wonderful and happy day ❤






  1. Dear Marie ❤ You are the FIRST to comment on my blog.. tnx my dear friend ❤ You do NOT know what that means to me 🙂 I send you love and smiles, and thank you for your beautiful words ❤


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