Sometimes I get PRETTYYYY ..upset….

Were out shopping food today… again 🙂 and had a great talk with a person i meet on my way 🙂 What is so upsetting, is that we all think it is all… ALRIGHT….

I my little world, there a certain “foods” that i do not eat… ok, many actually… but what i do despite more than any other thing in this world, is artificial sweetener… it is something the devil invented on a REALLY bad day!!!

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I am of course talking about Aspartame, Sucralose and acesulfam (K- or: kalium)… this i POISON!!! and soooo many other artificial sweeteners.

WHY… do we allow our coverment to accept that this is in the food, drinks, and SO many other things we put into our body? Toothpaste, chewing gum, different diary products… I just REALLY do not get this.

At a time i spoke to a health company here in Denmark,because some of their “health” products, contained these different poisons… what i got as a return answer on WHY the did put them in, in the first place… was, that they were under the daily limit… DAILY LIMIT… WHAAAATTTT!!! How can there be a daily limit on poison??? I was in CHOCK!!!

If we do not want different kinds of cancer in the future, people should really start reading on the “food” labels, WHAT they actually contains… and then NOT buy the items that contains all this SHIT!

I will gladly be the first to stand up, and say NO THANKS, to “food” with this crap in, but the biggest challenge is, that SO many people do not know what to look for on the labels.

Do NOT… EVER…go for foods that says: NO SUGAR ADDED… because for SURE it will contain some of this shit. You can buy products with Stavia in, but not all those crazy stuff.

Dear Government, PLEASE do not allow your people to die from all this shit, PLEASE be strict about what can be put in to the food we have to buy and live from…. PLEASE take care of us, your citizens ❤

And until the government does something, PLS… as a person, you, yourself NEED to take care of yourself… do not buy those things, you are TOO PRECIOUS… and you do not want to die from cancer… do you? This is just ONE thing you can do, to take better care of yourself AND the people you love. If we do not but this crap, there will be NO marked for it, and the companies that uses is, will have to find better SAFER alternatives, so together we can FORCE them to do something els… so let´s do it, let´s go for a healthier world ❤

Just a few articles you can read about cancer and the connection to artificial sweetener:

You can find may more online… just wanted to show you a few.

So to have a HEALTHY you, please…please…please… be critical when you buy food and things that will have to go into your body ❤

Sending love and health your way ❤


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